Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow in the South ...

Snow was predicted in our area today - possibly one to three inches. This is all we got!
How disappointing!  We get all excited when snow is predicted.  Everyone goes to the store to buy their bread and milk.  It's hilarious to people from the north that have moved here and how we react to the thought of snow!  The schools close down and everything is canceled when the word SNOW is mentioned.
 It has been so cold here for us ... the temperature has not been out of the 30's in days and the teens at night. BRRR!  Our normal temperature during January is in the 50's.

The "snow" on shrubs in our front yard.  I can still see the mulch! 

Oh well the weatherman has missed this one again.  The only measurable snow I remember was in 1993 when we had the "Blizzard of '93" and we really were snowed in for days.  We had nearly 2 feet of snow ... a once in a lifetime event for us!  We were without electricity for a week, but we enjoyed it. My girls were small at the time and it was fun to play in. 

As I was typing this post I heard 2 loud booms and there has been an accident in front of our house...  a car and a truck collided.  I went to check and everyone is fine and no one was hurt thank goodness.  We just don't know how to drive with snow and ice in the south.

Well gotta go and watch the Rose Bowl game.  Football is huge in Alabama... hopefully the Crimson Tide will win or there will be sad faces around town tomorrow!

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

I am glad we did not get any more than we did. It was not worth going outside in the freezing cold to take pictures around here. Thnnks for stopping by.

Linda said...

Happy to see you got a LITTLE SNOW...we got gone:(


Bernie said...

Nice shots, oh my we had this much snow on Labor Day weekend in Canada....I heard on CNN today you were going to have snow. Hasn't the weather been weird and I am watching the same football game....Go Alabama! ....-) Hugs

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Well at least you got a dusting. And it's pretty. Sorry about the accident in front of your house. good thing no one was hurt.

Jan said...

Watching those flakes fall to the ground must have been sooooooo exciting for you AL folks! And speaking of you AL folks, congratulations on your big win last night :) Bear Bryant is smiling down :)

Jeanette said...

Here in GA they said we were getting snow but we didn't. My husband is from up North and always jokes about us Southerners and Snow. But then I point our those Northerners and the July heat and humidity. LOL

erin said...

yes...we did get a little snow...there have been kids sledding down the hill behind our house all day...i think it's mostly ice now. your shrubs look so pretty with their white frosting...
have a good weekend and stay warm,