Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flower Power...

Brambleberry Cottage's Fourteen Days of Love Valentine Party

Day 10 is Flower Power

My husband gave me Valentine flowers early.  He thought I needed something to cheer me up.

This is what he gave me...

The plant is called an Anthurium.  I always like something for Valentine's Day to keep and enjoy later.  The plant sits in an iron chair that is a planter ... it is too cute.
The back of the little chair is heart shaped as well.
Look at those red sparkly butterlies dangling out of the plant and the huge red bow! 
I have it placed on our fireplace hearth.

A closeup of one of the butterflies.

Isn't he the sweetest!

Thank you for visiting and God Bless,


© Jennifer Raley said...

What a beautiful plant and awesome butterflies. Very nice gift! Is that a plant that grows in Hawaii? I remember seeing something like that there ... when I was four or five. SOmething like that grew alongside the house - that'd be the climate I guess. Did you see that bar of emergency chocolate on Liz's post? Too funny! :) Thanks Jenn <><

© Jennifer Raley said...

Thanks for following! I just changed my typerwriter message on my sidebar. And, read your comments on my blog. My cousin read this to me the other day - Job 17:9 from The Book: "The righteous will move onward and forward and those with pure hearts will become stronger and stronger." I felt I should specifically come by and mention it to you. (I stopped a moment and lifted you up in prayer. Hang onto God's promises. Never give up or in except to Him.) Love, Jenn

Bernie said...

What a sweetie your husband is....I love the plant and it's container......I'm sure he cheered you up on a hard day. That butterfly is beautiful......:-) Hugs

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a lovely plant. You sure do have a thoughtful husband. If you need cheering up I hope our little comments help you with that. I have enjoyed your series on the fourteen days of love. Your posts have been sweet and uplifting.

Lululiz said...

What a beautiful gift from a very thoughtful husband.

bj said...

Such a beautiful plant..and the little chair it's in. You have a really sweet hubby.
Happiest Valentine's....

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Not only is it a beautiful plant, but it is so bright and cheerful! He knew just what you needed didn't he? ;)


huntedtreasures said...

It is so beautiful, I am happy you have such a wonderful husband triple points for him. Love the color and the butterfly it is amazing what a little something does to a persons life. Give him tons of hugs.

Maria & Ruth

Jan said...

Oh what a good honey you have Donna and what a beautiful plant he chose! I hope it brought a smile to your face my dear :)

Rettabug said...

I think this was one of my Mom's favorite plants! My brother sent her one from Hawaii when he was stationed there & she never forgot it. Soooo unique....I hope it lasts a long time for you. :D

Happy Valentines Day to you & your sweet hubby!