Sunday, February 28, 2010

Taking "Baby Steps" ....

The four of us always loved to go to the Smoky Mountains.  We would go several times a was one of Amber's favorite places.  She always looked forward to going ... afterall it was hard to take a wheelchair to the beach.  Wheelchairs and sand do not go together!  So going to the mountains was always a nice little get away for us being about 3-1/2 hours away.  We had planned on taking Amber in August last year ... but she went to Heaven instead a few weeks earlier.
So this weekend we took "baby steps" ... my husband, Jennifer and I went to the mountains for the first time without Amber with us. With Jennifer getting married in June we decided we needed to make a trip with just the three of us before she marries.  It was very emotional at times.  We stayed at the same hotel we have stayed at since it was built a couple of years ago...just not in a handicapped was so strange to me.  I will post later this week about the hotel where we stay.  It is called the Christmas Inn and it is decorated for Christmas year round.
The Smoky Mountains were snow capped and beautiful.  Just gorgeous!

Another view of the mountains.

We always drive through Cades Cove to see the deer and nature all around us.

It is one of the most serene places on earth.

It was getting dark when I took this picture of just one of the many buildings and homesteads of long ago.

We enjoyed our trip but it was so different and strange without Amber with us ... but I do know one thing ... she was looking down over us. And she was definitely there with us in spirit.
God how we miss her!  Love you baby girl!

God Bless and thank you for visiting,


Bernie said...

Oh Donna you and your family are very strong, I am not sure I could of done what you all did this weekend. I am glad the 3 of you had a chance to have a weekend together though, you are right Donna once Jennifer marries things will change but only for the better sweetie.
I also believe that Amber's spirit was with you, they have a way of letting us know they are with us. Take care sweetie, my heart and prayers are with you and your family always.
..........:-) Hugs

from my front porch... said...

So glad you had a wonderful time, in spite of....
You cannot visit Cades Cove without feeling God nearby, can you? And now when you visit, you will always feel Amber!

Your pictures are just beautiful :)

Good thing you went this weekend as I am sure you found out they are closing from March 1-May 21!

Donna, Thank you so much for sharing my giveaway on your blog! I really appreciate it!

xo, misha

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I am so glad for your family that you had this time and I have no doubt that Amber was helping you through it. From all your words about Amber I imagine she would be pleased to see you having this time before the wedding.

Your pictures are beautiful. On one of our trips to Kentucky we will make it to the Great Smokies. It looks just gorgeous.

God bless,

Jeanette said...

Your pictures of lovely. I know Amber was right there with you enjoying a family fun day.

huntedtreasures said...

Donna, This is so beautiful, I am sure Amber was with you not physically but spiritually. This is so pretty did not know we had such wonderful places in the US. I think I need a trip one day. I am looking forward in seeing the Christmas store or lodge. That is my favorite Holiday.

Maria & Ruth

A Fire Fighter Wifey said...

What breath taking pictures!! How very pretty! I know that it was hard for you to go, but I am glad that you all found the heart to go. I remember the first time I went to a rodeo out out my mom it broke my heart into a million little shards but it got better over time, it will be 10 years this year that she has been gone and I still get a little choked up everytime I step into the ring. I don't think the heart break ever really goes away but I think it does lessen a lot. My prayers are with you and yours...

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Beautiful -- our son and his wife got married in the smokey's in July 2002. I know that those baby steps were hard to take -- know that we're with you as you and your family take that journey --- one baby step at a time.

Jen in NY said...

Hi Donna...I'm sure it was so hard being without Amber at the mountains. But at the same time, it sounds like you felt very close to her too. {{hugs}} I think that was a great big step! Amber would be proud!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Vann and I loved to go to the Smokies too.

Debbie said...

I love Cades Cove and have visited it with my own girls several times. It is one of our all time favorite places. My heart went out to you when I read this, and I imagined your baby steps to this place without the physical presence of your daughter. I may not yet know what it is like to lose a daughter, but I do know what it is like to love one. From that knowledge flows an understanding heart. God bless you.