Saturday, February 6, 2010

You Are So Crafty... and I Won!

Brambleberry Cottage
Fourteen Days of Love  - Day 6
Oh.... You Are So Crafty

This a quilt block from a quilt I made with hearts.  The hearts are all in pinks just perfect for Valentine's Day.  It is a very colorful quilt. The fabrics are Quilt for a Cure for breast cancer research.  This was made several years ago.  I have so many quilt tops that need to be quilted!

And I won a giveaway at Sweet Bee Cottage.
Sweet Bee has the cutest blog, please go by and visit her.
Sweet Bee was having a "spa" giveaway and I won!   She sent me the fuzzy spa socks, the bath fizzy and the book "Chin Deep In Bubbles" by Melissa Plazcer.  It is so much like Susan Branch.  Sweet Bee even wrapped the book in Susan Branch paper and tied it with a green gingahm ribbon!  She also included a card with a beauty tip.  I definitely need all the beauty tips I can get right now :)

This book is just delightful to read.

Look how the pages are illustrated! 
This page has the five minute manicure and I need that right now!  Lots of good stuff!  I am really enjoying it!  Thank you Sweet Bee!

 I was the first follower of Hunted Treasures  a new blog that features two sisters who live thousands of miles apart. 

They had a gift packaged in the box with balloons for my birthday!  What a great idea!

Their first follower was the winner of this Valentine tassel.  It is huge and I have it hanging on one of our master bedroom doors.  It is just beautiful!  Look at all the ribbon.  Love it!

They also included this cute sachet and tissue holder.  The sachet smells like yummy strawberries and I have really need the tissue holder today! Thank you ladies so much :)
This picture would not download correctly.  Just look at it sideways...I am sorry!  I have tried for an hour! UGH!! Thank you ladies for this sweet gift. 
Everything came on my birthday ...  you all perked me up when I saw my packages at the front door!

Thank you for visiting and please visit the other participants in the Fourteen Days of Love.
God Bless,


Jeanette said...

What lovely treasures! That book is just too cute.

Bernie said...

Wonderful gifts from wonderful friends. So happy for you my friend....:-) Hugs

Linda said...

Congrats Donna...enjoy your goodies:)


from our front porch... said...

Happy Birthday, Donna!! (Please forgive my tardiness, it just was a heck of a week!)
I so hope you had a wonderful day. I hope you post the pics of your birthday party sometime. I know how much we would all love to see them!

And about that scrapbook...maybe this would be a good thing to do. A baby step. A little at a time. I know Amber would be with you, guiding.
Hope I am not out of line, Donna. You are just so often in my thoughts, sweetie!
Have a wonderful day! xo, misha

© Jennifer Raley said...

Hey and Happy Birthday! What a nice bunch of things to win! I love your quilt block. Very pretty. :) Jenn

Rettabug said...

A belated "Happy Birthday", Donna! I celebrate all week...sometimes all month, so you're still good.
I'm lovin' all your Valentine posts! Your heart quilt block is just perfect & all your RED pieces bring such a bright accent to your room. Very creative space!
I hope you're having a good week!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Congrats on your win, Donna. And I love that heart block. It love hearts, and want to make a pieced heart quilt. I made a raggedy heart quilt and gave it to a friend to quilt for a service project.

Marilyn said...

Happy birthday. Is your special day the 4th? That's my birthday! The quilt block is my favorite color and shape. Have you posted a picture of the whole thing? It won't matter to me if it's not quilted. I have several to finish and I'm not telling how long they've been ready for me to complete. Thanks for sharing.

bj said...

Happy Happy Birthday.
Congrats on winning some really neat things..
Love the heart block.
I am signing up to follow...come by to see me when you can..
xo bj

bj said...

oops...I already AM a follower ! haha

huntedtreasures said...

Donna we are glad you loved the stuff and congratulations on your other wins.We love your blog it is very beautiful will keep in touch.

Maria & Ruth

erin said...

congratulations! you are indeed a WINNER! love the quilt you quilt by hand or machine? i used to quilt back in the eighties...happy sunday to you!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

So glad you are enjoying your little "spa" giveaway. Your quilt top looks so pretty. It's always a delight to come see you Donna.

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Aren't cyber-friends wonderful! God just keeps giving you reasons to experience joy again, doesn't He?

The balloons in a box are a great idea!