Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wedding Plans ... so stressful!

Planning a wedding is exciting but so stressful!  I never dreamed last year at this time I would be planning a wedding this year.  We have been very busy this week ... picking out invitations, having dresses altered, helping Jennifer with her bridal registry ... she may be a wonderful pharmacist but she doesn't know much about cooking : )  She wants help with what she will need for her kitchen.  She has lived in her house for 3 years in June and I think maybe she has cooked two actual meals.  I have supplied her with the necessities for cooking but she needs other things as well.  She bought a Kitchen Aid mixer last year in apple green that is on her kitchen counter ... never used!  She would be happy to just receive china and set the table pretty and order take-out!  Actually sounds good to me too!  I do love to cook ... I just don't like cleaning up after cooking.  My Kitchen Aid is used at least once a week to bake something.  Oh well maybe one day she will turn into her mother! LOL  I gave her a pillow one time that says "Mirror, mirror on the wall, I have become my mother after all!  She did not like that gift!!  I thought it was funny.  She however did not!  Actually as she gets older she is more like me although she doesn't like to admit it!

Yesterday was a bad day here ... it rained all day. We had sunshine today with more rain tomorrow.  I can't wait for Spring!  Some of my tulip bulbs are trying to peek through the soil.  That makes me happy.  I planted purple tulips last fall for Amber... she loved the color purple.  I hope they all bloom and will be gorgeous. 

I have been working on Jennifer's wedding quilt but I can't show it until after she receives it.  I will be so glad when it is completed.  I need to clean my house and make new curtains for my bedroom and new pillow shams too.  So much to do!

Thanks for listening to my rambling!  Maybe on my next post I will have photos of some things I have been working on!

Thanks for visting and I hope you all have a good weekend!



Bernie said...

Oh Donna, everything will be just fine, Jennifer will be a beautiful bride and the day will be perfect just the way it is.... you only have a few months before Jennifer goes on to become a wife, now is the time to enjoy her being just your daughter......I just know everything is going to be just fine...:-) Hugs

from my front porch... said...

I just love the comment Bernie made. So sweet....
I never thought I would one day learn to cook, and love it! But, I did. And I do!

Love hearing about the wedding plans. Such an exciting time for all.

And Amber's tulips will bloom and be gorgeous!
I cannot wait to see them :)

I hope you have Sunny skies tomorrow. We are to have rain. Oh, well. That makes for pretty tulips, huh!

xo, misha

erin said...

hi donna, well, sounds like your plate is full...and this brings back my memories of preparing for my daughters wedding. my florist gave me some good advice when i was feeling overwhelmed, she said, "focus on the BIG PICTURE and not all the tiny details." that simple statement helped me. raining here too, but that will just help the greening process. some of my daffs opened yesterday. yippie! almost spring!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

The wedding will all soon be a wonderful memory and you will wonder why you worried so much.
Have a great weekend.

Jan said...

Oh Donna, I'm so glad that you have the upcoming wedding to focus on. God's timing for Jennifer and her Hubby to be was absolutely perfect for your family :) Wishing you a good w/e too my dear!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I'm excited to see some daffodils peeking through the soil in my front yard! Good luck with the wedding planning -- I can remember how stressful it is!

Jen in NY said...

Hi Donna! The purple tulips sound like they will be so nice! My bulbs are poking up too, I love it!

It is stressful planning a wedding, I remember doing it 13 years ago. I love my Kitchen Aid too, I use it fairly often as well. What a great investment! I'm sure Jennifer will discover its wonders eventually! :-)

Marilyn said...

Just take a breath, and exhale slowly. Repeat. Smile. Listen to very calming music. And enjoy! Laugh a lot. Your comment made ME laugh with the Mirror, mirror pillow!! I need one for my Dot! ♥♪

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I remember when we were planning my daughter's wedding. It seems now like the planning lasted longer than the marriage did.

Linda said...

I love how Jennifer didn't think that pillow was funny...our girls just don't want to face it, that they are like day they will:) Happy Wedding Planning!


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Such exciting times! I'm looking forward to hearing more!