Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding Reception ...

The wedding reception was held at the local Country Club here in town.  Let me just say we are NOT members and we are NOT Country Club people :)  We just needed a venue large enough for the reception and there are not many options available in our area.  So we rented the club for the night. These pictures I have shared with you were taken by me or my niece who was a bridesmaid.  I can't wait to see the "real" ones.  I hope you enjoy! 

This wreath was outside as you came in the doors.  It is huge and just gorgeous.
The Mr. and Mrs. W
The first dance.
Daddy and daughter dance.  Let's just say that she has always had her Daddy wrapped around her little finger ... very tight.  Jennifer has always been a Daddy's girl.
Huge flower arrangement among the food display.
Table arrangement ...
How sweet!
Notice the green apples in the arrangement.    These alternated with the larger arrangements above on the tables.
Bride's cake ... it was white buttercream with white cake.  Very simple and elegant like she wanted with fresh flowers on top.
Cutting the cake.
The groom's cake and the toast!  Jennifer had seen this cake in a magazine years ago and always said this would one day be in her wedding one day.
Large arrangements with the green apples in the vases.  Let's just say we will be eating apple pies for a long time :)   I loved the purple chair ties.
Alternating tables ...
Jennifer changed dresses halfway through the reception.  Someone said she looked like a cupcake.  We call it the "cupcake dress".

Tossing the bouquet.
A special table was arranged for Amber with her "Maid of Honor" bouquet, candle and a bridesmaid Precious Moment along with other pics of her.  Sorry about the glare ... I am not a professional! 
Jennifer is a pharmacist and she loves candy.  She collected apothecary jars and they were filled with their favorite kinds of candy.  Guests could fill their bags with candy for favors.
Leaving the reception.
I was telling them to have fun on their honeymoon.
The Rolls Royce with Just Married! 
Have I shared with  you my husband's name is Royce?  And this is NOT our car.  My Royce drives a truck! 
I wish I did own this car!  Can't you see me driving this around town? Ha!
I have flowers all over my house and I have given flowers away all week.  This is the huge wreath in the first pic above.  I have kept it in Amber's roll-in shower in her bathroom along with the pew markers so I could spray it with water.  I just love looking at it!  I have taken flowers to Amber's gravesite every day.  They are still beautiful.

Thank you for all your kind comments you have left me.  I read and appreciate each one.  I have tried to catch up all day with blogging.  This has finally been a day of rest.  A wedding is such a wonderful event but so tiring!

The bridesmaids luncheon was beautiful as well.  I will let Jennifer share it with you on her blog when she returns from the honeymoon.  I will let you know when she posts it on her blog.   I know she will post about the wedding as well.

Thank you for visiting and God Bless!


from my front porch... said...

Wow, Donna! Everything looks just perfect! The apples were a wonderful idea, but, yes, I think you will be making a lot of pies!

And such a special tribute to Amber. What a pretty picture of her :)

Now, you can rest! And look at different pie recipes. LOL!
xo, misha

p.s. I think you would dandy driving around in the Rolls Royce!

Bernie said...

I love the beautiful colors Jennifer chose, everything looks so wonderful Donna. I am looking forward to seeing you in your dress. What song did Jennifer and her dad dance too?
Those flowers are so very pretty, and Jennifer's dress was perfect, the green sash was just the right touch. So happy you have been sharing the pictures, I feel like I was there. Thank you sweetie......:-) Hugs

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a fabulous wedding reception. I love the green apples - such a nice touch. And what an adorable dress your bride changed into. Everything looks just perfect! I'm glad you are able to rest now.

Jan said...

Oh Donna! What an absolutely gorgeous Daughter ... such a beautiful Bride. Her dress"es" are fabulous and everything looked lovely :) I'll be looking forward to more pictures and I wish your baby girl and her new honey the very best that life has to offer ... ohhhhh and lots of Grandkids for you and Royce to love and spoil :) God Bless!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Beautiful pics Donna...Jennifer did an outstanding job picking it all out (did she let you help?) My brother is also a don't meet many guys with this name...I think your Royce needs that car:) Luv the idea of the candy for favors...very useful! The table for Amber was very nice:)


Marilyn said...

Thanks again for sharing your pictures. Now I have tears in my eyes because of the missing people in our lives. I can only imagine how many memories you and your family share of both your beautiful daughters. And now a wonderful son as well. Take good care of yourself and may God's peace be with you. ♥♫

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How pretty! I love Jennifer's cupcake dress. Everything looks just perfect. We had a fun wedding weekend as well -- it was a wonderful weekend for it.

Jen in NY said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Everything was just gorgeous! I had fresh flowers on my wedding cake too. :-) The groom's cake is awesome. I love all the flowers, Jen's cupcake dress, everything. And the tribute to Amber was perfect. I hope it gave you some comfort that day. Aren't you so glad it's over now? Time to go on vacation!! :-)

Manuela@TPOH said...

The bride's cake is just beautiful! Everything looks so gorgeous and I love Jennifer's short dress! What fun it must have been to drive in the Rolls!! Looks like everything was just perfect!


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Absolutely stunning! Thanks for letting us share your day. Your daughter is a beautiful. God bless them both on this new life together!

Miriam said...

Gorgeous photos Donna! I love the one of Jennifer dancing with her Dad.
Looks like a perfect day!!

Creations By Cindy said...

She is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures. I love pictures. Be blessed. Cindy
P.S. I love your blog. What a blessing!
P.S. I am your newest follower.