Monday, July 12, 2010

Salsa & Sunflowers

Our vegetable garden is in desperate need of rain and has not produced as much as usual ... rain is expected today so hopefully one of those rain showers will come our way.
 We have had plenty of fresh tomatoes so I made salsa!   We can enjoy it during the fall and winter months especially with football games and I also make many recipes with salsa.
So I gave it a try and it is very good!  After all we can only eat so many bacon and tomato sandwiches!
Two of my jars of salsa in front of the smaller sunflowers I cut from the garden. 

Vine ripe and freshly washed ... Yummy!

Here is one of the huge sunflowers in the garden ... I love the bumblebee!
This is another huge sunflower ... I love the centers.   I will save the seeds for next year.  Amber loved sunflowers and I planted them for her.  She is smiling down on them :)  
I gotta go ... the newlywed (Jennifer) has called and needs a recipe for dinner to cook!  I have to give her detailed instuctions! 
I will post my bag next post.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless!


Jeanette said...

Oh Donna, your tomatoes and salsa look so yummy. I have not gotten enough tomatoes to make salsa yet. My mouth is sore from all the acid in the tomatoes. LOL. I gave a big bag of tomatoes to my mail carrier. And put up about 20 quarts of white acre peas. I have not seen white acre peas in forever and could not resist. Your sunflowers are so pretty.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Those are some nice looking tomatoes and sunflowers. I was going to go to the farmers' market today, but remembered they are closed on Mondays. I love a good salsa, but I have to limit it due to the salt on the chips.

from my front porch... said...

I love homemade salsa. The best!!
Our sunflowers are blooming, too :) I can see all of them from kitchen window; they make me smile!

Hope jennifer's dinner came out great-let us know!!

xo, misha

Jen in NY said...

I love the picture of the salsa and summery! My northern garden is a bit behind yours. We do have a few sunflowers though...I love them, there so low maintenance and so pretty. I like to see the goldfinches in them too! BTW what recipe did Jennifer want??

Jen in NY said...

Oops, I meant "they're," not "there." Sorry, I hate that error!

Bernie said...

I love tomatoes....I eat them almost every day of my life but love them fresh off the vine. Your salsa looks so very good as well.
I think sunflowers bring a smile to everyone's face.....great post my friend, it being about 2 of my favorite things.......:-) Hugs

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Mmmmmm, homemade salsa! I'll bet it's a lot better than the store-bought stuff.

Bernie said...

Hi Sweetie, just stopping by to say hello. Hope you are doing okay, keeping you in my heat and prayers always......:-) Hugs