Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meet Honey

Meet the newest member of our family .... Honey.  She is a hoot! She is part Britany spaniel and beagle and is so lovable. Look closely ... she has a pink camouflaged collar.  Her leash I walk her with is purple ... wonder why?  Amber's favorite color!
Here's the story.  We have two furbabies living in the house ... two cats that live the "good life"!  They never go outside they are strictly indoor babies.  I will share their stories in another post.  Our dog, Noodle passed away 3 years ago of old age.  She lived a good life and was such a good dog.  I thought then we would eventually get another dog ... we had a fenced in area with a cute dog house even with a front porch!  Life happens and the pen was left unused along with the dog house, although a mother cat had her kittens in there one time.
I always would see animals on TV needing a home and thought we should call about one but never did.  One day a  couple of weeks ago my husband came home from hunting and was looking at the Sunday paper on a Tuesday night and he said I found you a dog.  The animal shelter had her for adoption with the sweetest picture in the paper.  I was having a bad day missing Amber and was laying moping on the bed.  I didn't even want to look at the picture much less think about a dog at the time.  I just wanted Amber back ... which I know is selfish of me ... who would want to come back from Heaven?
Well I took one look at Honey and I asked if he would call about her the next morning. 
We went the next afternoon to see Honey and apply for adoption.  There was an instant bond with her.  She was adorable!  I never thought she would come home with us that day.  I told the lady at the shelter my story and she could tell she would be going to a wonderful home.  She told me I could name her something else but I liked the name Honey.  Amber collected Boyd's bears with honey bees on them along with sunflowers.  So I thought what an appropriate name!  Honey jumped in the car with me and laid in my lap like a baby with those pitiful eyes!  We took her by the vet's office and she weighed 26 pounds and she is about a year and a half old.
My husband told me he knew Amber sent me Honey to love.  Something to make me want to get out of the house and go for a walk to get some fresh air.
Well this little thing has kept me on my toes! 
She escaped twice the first two days from her pen but it is now secure where she can't dig under the fence.  She now knows she has a home and is where she belongs.  She loves to sit on top of her house and watch everything!  She sits up on the top angle of her house straddling the center!  It is the funniest thing.  My hubby took a picture of her the other day with his phone.  I just can't download it on my computer.  I will eventually get a picture of her sitting on it!  She climbs on top of the porch and then on the roof of the house :)  She seems very content now after a couple of weeks. 
I do feel like Amber did send me Honey to make me laugh.  The furbabies here in the house require constant attention, however, I did need something to make me want to at least go for a walk in the yard in the colder months.  We took Noodle everyday for a walk around our pasture.  Now there is Honey and she is just adorable.  I know Amber is laughing at her too ... sitting on top of her house!

Thanks for visiting and God Bless!


elizabeth said...

She is darling! Looking forward to seeing Honey make herself happy in her new home.

Marilyn said...

I can only imagine that hound on top of the doghouse! Can't wait until you get a picture of her up there. I've days lately when I feel just like you. A friend took me to a Holiday Tea that really lifted my spirits. We are lucky to have family and friends that take care of us. Have a good week and give Honey a hug from me. ♥♫

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Donna, Honey is adorable!!! You will enjoy having a new baby to take care of and love. I am so happy for you. I too, feel like Amber sent Honey to you to love and to make you have a purpose in life right now. They say that animals are very therapeutic. I have seen dogs sitting on top of their doghouses. I guess Honey doesn't want to miss anything. That is so cute! Thanks for sharing her pictures. She is really pretty dog. I wonder what her story is? My niece adopted a dog that had been almost starved to death. Trixie has been the sweetest dog and friend to her. Have a wonderful week. Can't wait to hear more stories about Honey. Love & blessings from NC!

Cathy Burk said...

Congratulations on your new furbaby! When you say she sits on top of her house, it makes me think of Snoopy on top of his house! Doggies are so comforting.

ABamaMom said...

What a cutie! You can tell she's got that glint in her eye that says you better keep your eyes on me!

Jen in NY said...

Awwwwww! What a cute doggie! I can just picture her on top of her doghouse, and like Cathy above I think of Snoopy! :-) I love thinking of her as a gift from Amber. Thank you for inspiring me today!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Awww! She is a cute one.
Have a great week

Miriam said...

Honey is a cutie! I am so glad you have a new furbaby to make you happy!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh what a sweet face! She looks like a real sweetie!

Bernie said...

She is so cute Donna, I love her. It is good that you have each other, she has a good home and you will have her to take for a works for everyone. Looking forward to more pictures.....:-) Hugs

Desiree said...

I have linked to your blog from Gina @ Antique Art Garden. I'd read that you, too, have lost a precious daughter and wanted to pop by and leave a message as I know, from the outpouring of Gina's heart through this most traumatic and difficult of times in her own life, that you'd be feeling the same.

I have glanced briefly through your archived posts and have "met" Amber. What a special young woman you raised and what a lovely way to keep her memory alive by having started this blog. And what an equally special daughter you have in your surviving daughter. I too, have two children (a son and daughter) and know I'd be devastated were anything to happen to either of them.

What struck me, as well, is that you have been married for 33 years - my husband and I celebrated our 33rd anniversary on the 3rd of December this year, too. I, too, regard him as my "rock" and he's always been my best friend. We met at 'varsity and our connection was instant :)

Honey is adorable and I know she'll be the best companion. We have three dogs of our own and love each one to bits!

Mama Pea said...

Oh, Honey is so cute! I just love dogs, and she is one cutie pie! How special for you to have her in your life now. I am so happy that she can help mend your soul.

Thelma said...

There's nothing like a pet to fill an empty house, sounds like it's just the perfect situation, I could not be happier for you both!