Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Won a Giveaway!

I recently won a giveaway from the Monogram Chick and received it Saturday in the mail.
It's the spa gift set with the wrap and the cosmetic bag!  I love it!
I was about to load the bag up with goodies in my bathroom and went to grab my camera to share my pretties with you!
I love my initials ... just the way I wanted!  Thank you Sarah.

I am putting together a Fall giveaway I will hopefully post next week! 

Thanks for your comments from yesterday's post :)  It was a difficult day.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

Your 2nd Birthday in Heaven. 
Forever in our hearts :)  We miss you so much!
Love you Amber!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Milk Glass

I think the summer heat has gotten to me.  I am ready for Fall!  This is the hottest summer we have had in years.  It is a little cooler here today with lower humidity.

I am linking up to Linda's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday
I thought I would share some more of my treasures I bid on at the auction I went to last weekend.  I was asked how often I go to an auction ... I have never been to one in my life.  But hey ... it was fun! 

Here are my pretties...

I bid on these 2 milk glass bowls for $12!  They were being sold in pairs.  They are actually bigger than what they look like in the picture.  They measure about 8 inches across the top.  I love them.  I have some faux cherries I am going to put in one of them and use in my kitchen.  I had been looking for something like these at an antique shop in the area and they were expensive.  Glad I waited!

I will definitely go to another auction if I see one in the area ... now that I know how to bid! 

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Monday, August 16, 2010

$2 Silver Covered Casserole

I am joining two parties 

The home across the highway from us was being auctioned off this Saturday along with the contents of the house.  The lady who passed away last summer loved antiques and glassware.  I knew the family and decided to attend.  I had never been to an auction in my life.  It was fun!

Here is just one item I bid on for $2.00!!!

This silver covered casserole.  My sweet husband cleaned it with silver cleaner for me and it looks great.  All it needs is a silver polish and it is good to go!

Another look at my find.
The glass bowl was even on the inside and fits perfectly.
I was thrilled with all my goods I came home with and I can't wait to show you  more!

Thanks for visiting and God Bless!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

How God Works in our Lives

Linda at Prairie Flower Farm has a precious post today about Amber and  a comment I left for a giveaway she is having.  She came across my comment and immediately emailed me.  Imagine the surprise when I opened up her blog and saw my sweet Amber's picture. Amber was such an inspiration to many people and I know continues to be.  She always had a smile on her face despite her disability.  Those of you who read my blog know my story and the heartbreak I have felt this past year.  Many of you (and you know who you are) have been a huge help to me with emails telling your stories and how you have coped with the loss of a child.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart :)
Please go over and visit Linda's blog and read what an inspiration she is to so many of us in the blogging world.
Thank you Linda for telling my story :)

Thanks for visiting and God Bless!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Sue at It's A Very Cherry World is hosting her weekly Rednesday.  This is my very first time to participate. 

I have always loved polka dots and the color red has been showing up more in my kitchen lately.

This is an adorable teapot (I love teapots) I purchased at Homegoods after the 4th of July.  It still has the blue and white bow on it whick was attached when I purchased it.  I unpacked it the other day and put it in my new pantry along with all my other goodies!
 I also bought the little red pedestal it is perched on.

And this is a project I have been working on this week.  I have appliqued 16 handtowels for a friend with initials. I love to machine applique. 

These were some of the red ones. I love the "S" ... my last name begins with an "S". I think she is giving these to Alabama football fans. The other towels are for Auburn football fans with orange and blue, but since this post is about reds I didn't show those. 
Please go by and visit Sue's blog and see what other participants are sharing.

As always thanks for visiting!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rooster Party


Welcome to the party!
I have always loved roosters and when I heard about the Rooster Party hosted by Barb of Bella Vista
 I knew I had to join the party!

Display on top of the china cabinet in my kitchen.  I love the simple white rooster.

He rules the kitchen!
While I was taking the picture above I looked down in my  china "teapot" cabinet and here was this little cutie looking at me!  He wanted to join the party!
Roosters on the china cabinet in the dining room.


Notice the baby roosters :)
I love these little ones!
This rooster lamp is in our family room in a corner used as an accent light.  The lampshade has little feathers on the edging.  I love rooster lamps. Wish I had more.
On the kitchen counter.  These are salt and pepper shakers.
They sit under this thrift store lamp I revamped.  I matched the shade to match my valance over the kitchen sink.  I need to share my kitchen in another post.
I even have roosters in my new pantry.
The egg basket was my grandmothers.  I wonder how many eggs she gathered in that little basket!
Rooster plate from Hobby Lobby on clearance.  The best kind!
Sign from HL too!
I love this Lenox rooster.  It was purchased at the Lenox outlet in Pigeon Forge, TN.  It is a teapot.
Notice the bee on its neck and the butterfly on its back.  Too cute!
My cookie jar even has a rooster!  The cookie jar is half empty!  Wonder who ate them?
One side of my kitchen with the roosters.
I looked up and here is another rooster teapot that is perched on top of my cabinets.  They are everywhere! 

I have you have enjoyed some of my rooster collection.  Please visit Barb and see what everyone has to share on her blog.  What a fun party.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless!