Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year and Thank You!

I wanted to type a post to thank you to all my blogger friends I have made this past year.   You have all
been so supportive to me and my family as I have written about my life and my adventures of trying to decorate my home, sew, quilt, cook and garden.  

I posted so many times about Jennifer's wedding plans this past year.  I think Jennifer finding the love of her life has kept me going.  Knowing that she has someone now to go home to every night and to love her like she deserves to be loved.

Planning a wedding was one of the most stressful but enjoyable things a mother can help her daughter do.  Jennifer was 28 when she married so she pretty much had all of her wedding planned.  I think  every little girls dreams about the day she will be married.  It was one of the happiest and most bittersweet days of my life.  I know Amber was there in spirit and a special tribute was so well thought out by Jennifer for her sister.  It was very heart warming.  I can't believe Jennifer has been married 6 months now!  How time flies.  I plan on having grandbabies one day to spoil and love!

But most of all thank you for your support especially when I have posted about Amber.  Losing a child has to be the worst thing a parent could go through.  I read somewhere the other day that a parent felt like their heart had been amputated after losing a child.   I feel like mine has sometimes been torn into pieces.   I know mine will never be the same ... a part of it is broken forever.  There have been days when I have not wanted to go on with life.  It has been very difficult ... especially the holidays.  We just have to start with new memories as hard as it is.  I know I have my husband, Jennifer and her new husband Jeremy.

The holidays are the most difficult when my husband and I are here alone.  I never expected to be an empty nester so soon.  We expected Amber to live many more years.    I spoiled Amber beyond what should be allowed for a child (LOL) but I have no regrets!

I plan on trying to get organized in 2011.  We bought several large storage shelves for our basement so I can get things off the floor.  I am packing away Christmas items and instead of stacking boxes on top of each other and having an avalanche, I am going to organize my new shelving units.

Now I am ready for Winter to be over and move on to Spring!  We had our first White Christmas with all the snow I want and now I am ready to have yardwork to do.  I love to plant my flowers and veggies in the garden.  Just digging in the dirt and pulling weeds helps me mentally!  Is that crazy or what!

I have so many sewing  projects I need to finish and I actually worked on a quilt last night.  I want to  finish scrapbooking projects that have been too emotional to work on (Amber's) but hopefully I will complete what we began.  There is plenty I need to do and I will hopefully finish them this New Year.

My husband and I are spending a quiet New Year's Eve here at home.  Jennifer and Jeremy are coming tomorrow to have lunch with us.  I "really" need another meal!  That's all I have done is eat!

We never know what the New Year will hold for us.  Just hold your loved ones tight and tell them "I Love You" every chance you get!

God Bless You and Hugs,

Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas!

My first White Christmas! 
We woke up to snow falling on Christmas Day ... my first ever!  We had 2 inches at least.  Now this is not much to some people, but to those of us who live in the South it is a big event!  We had a dusting of snow in 1989 but never a White Christmas. 
I was in the midst of cooking when I went outside to take a few pics.  It was beautiful! 
I was standing in our upper driveway.  The driveways and roads were clear.
It's so pretty!
I was standing in our lower driveway looking up at the house.
Snow on evergreens ...
A gate leading into our backyard.

Snow on a wreath for the first time ever!
My husband walked to the back of our house in our pasture and took these pics. 
I see this view from my kitchen window.  It has been gorgeous for the past few days looking out at the snow and the hillside.

Fortunately Jennifer and Jeremy arrived safe and sound. She was so happy to see the snow. Fifty miles away in Birmingham there was not much snow.
We made a snowman later in the day and he still stands about 5 feet tall. I think he will be around for a few more days. 
I know Amber watched us play in the snow.  We later went to the cemetery and visited her gravesite.  Her Christmas tree was covered in snow and so pretty. 
The snow did make our Christmas a little happier.

Thanks for visting and God Bless,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

May you all have a Blessed Merry Christmas!  

We went to a beautiful Christmas candlelight service last night and I think about the wonderful Christmas celebration our loved ones are having in Heaven. 

I appreciate the wonderful blogging friends I have met in the past year.  I know everyone has been baking and wrapping presents ... I am at the last minute!

We may have a small dusting of snow here in the South for Christmas Day which would be very rare for us!

Merry Christmas and Hugs,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Tags

I won a giveaway a couple of weeks ago from Sharon at My Vintage Studio.  When I opened the envelope and saw these GORGEOUS handmade vintage looking tags I was just in awe!  I love anything homemade and these are just beautiful!    I took pics, however they do not by any means compare to just sitting and looking at Sharon's work.
The details and workmanship she puts into every little detail is amazing!
There are 9 tags and each one is so creative.  The details on the back are just as gorgeous! 
I will let you just look at the eye candy :)


I know this is selfish of me but I am keeping them all!  I am going to hang them on one of my trees next year.  Right now I am still taking in every little detail.

Thank you Sharon for drawing my name!   Please go by and visit Sharon and tell her I sent you!

Thanks for visiting and God Bless!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Little More Christmas

Christmas will be here before I know it!  I need to wrap gifts and do some baking.  Gotta have my sweets!
We had a busy weekend in Nashville and I have lots of pics to share in another post.
Here are a few more pictures around the  house.
Dining room Christmas tree ... it is decked out in "food" ornaments.

Centerpiece for dining room table. 

Another tree in the "piano" room for lack of a better name.  It is a room where there is no television, but does have the piano I played on as a young girl.

Snowflake ornaments of my girls :)

Another little vignette in the dining room.  I bought these after Christmas last year.  They look vintage and they wanted to come home with me!

A closer look at their faces ... adorable.  They are carrying their tree home to decorate!
Can you tell I love to decorate for Christmas?

Thanks for visiting and God Bless,

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wreaths and More ...

I am joining Linda at Coastal Charm and Marty at A Stroll Thru Life with their weekly parties. 

I made this Christmas cupcake wreath to hang on my pantry door/dish closet.  I purchased the huge cupcakes at the Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge back in July at 1/2 price.  I bought the last two they had and I love them.

Here is a closeup of the red one ... I wish it was real and I would eat it!
A corner of my kitchen with a plate Amber had given me and a gingerbread batter bowl my husband gave me last Christmas with flowers in it.  Since I took this pic I have added another cloche.  I will post it later updated.
Another wreath I made. 
Jennifer bought a "W" and a "S" for me and I made us both a wreath. 
I had no idea what I was doing with the mesh, but it somehow came together.  It still needs a little poofing!
I purchased this fiber optic train at Cracker Barrel last year after Christmas.  It is really cute lit at night. It is on my hearth under colored Christmas trees.

A final picture of my completed mantle (except for my SIL's stocking which I have to finish!)  You can spot the little train in the above pic on the lower left.

It has been so cold here today with snow flurries!  We never got above freezing.  We finally lit the fire today.  It always makes the house cozy :)

Thank you for visiting and God Bless!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Little Christmas

I am joining Linda at Coastal Charm for her Open House Party.  I have so many pics to share so I will have several posts.

This Angel is the first item I bring out at Christmas.  I have had her for years and I still adore her.
I shared my family room mantle that is decorated in glittery reds and greens in an earlier post so I thought  I'd share this mantle that is in more of a victorian themed room.  I decorated with white poinsettias, icy looking garland, oversized ornaments and lots of gold touches.
In this pic you see the oversized ornaments ... love them!
This table is similar to one I did in memory of Amber last Christmas.  It has the nativity scene with some of Amber's favorite items she had purchased for Christmas.

There are snowmen playing baseball! 
In front of the fire on the hearth... Santa's boots!

I have many more pics to share of my trees and kitchen decorated for the holidays.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowmen ...

It is so cold here in the South!  I don't think we made it out of the 40's here today.  The wind chill made it even worse.  I know most of you would think it was a heat wave, however it is COLD to us!
I love snowmen and especially Mary Engelbreit snowmen!  Jennifer found this cutie for me right before Christmas last year at Michael's.   He was marked half off and was only $8. When she brought him home to me I was so excited.  He stands about 12 inches high.  I have him in my kitchen this year with glittery holly I bought after Christmas for a $1.  I love a thrifty find!
This is an end table in our family room with more snowmen and a little gingerbread girl.  The tea set I have had for several years.  The little cups are trimmed in peppermint stripes.
The snowmen figurines are by Penny McAllister. They each have so much personality. They look vintage.  I have had the large one for several years and I purchased the smaller ones this year at a Christmas shop in Birmingham.

Look at those little pink shoes, round belly and bright cheeks! 
This gingerbread girl is decked out in her peppermint candy and bows.  The little box opens up and each one has a surprise.  This one had a little piece of "peppermint candy" inside. 
The tinsel around her base reminds me of my grandmother's silver tinsel tree from when I was a little girl.  It's funny how little things can bring back memories. 
After all isn't that part of the magic of Christmas.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meet Honey

Meet the newest member of our family .... Honey.  She is a hoot! She is part Britany spaniel and beagle and is so lovable. Look closely ... she has a pink camouflaged collar.  Her leash I walk her with is purple ... wonder why?  Amber's favorite color!
Here's the story.  We have two furbabies living in the house ... two cats that live the "good life"!  They never go outside they are strictly indoor babies.  I will share their stories in another post.  Our dog, Noodle passed away 3 years ago of old age.  She lived a good life and was such a good dog.  I thought then we would eventually get another dog ... we had a fenced in area with a cute dog house even with a front porch!  Life happens and the pen was left unused along with the dog house, although a mother cat had her kittens in there one time.
I always would see animals on TV needing a home and thought we should call about one but never did.  One day a  couple of weeks ago my husband came home from hunting and was looking at the Sunday paper on a Tuesday night and he said I found you a dog.  The animal shelter had her for adoption with the sweetest picture in the paper.  I was having a bad day missing Amber and was laying moping on the bed.  I didn't even want to look at the picture much less think about a dog at the time.  I just wanted Amber back ... which I know is selfish of me ... who would want to come back from Heaven?
Well I took one look at Honey and I asked if he would call about her the next morning. 
We went the next afternoon to see Honey and apply for adoption.  There was an instant bond with her.  She was adorable!  I never thought she would come home with us that day.  I told the lady at the shelter my story and she could tell she would be going to a wonderful home.  She told me I could name her something else but I liked the name Honey.  Amber collected Boyd's bears with honey bees on them along with sunflowers.  So I thought what an appropriate name!  Honey jumped in the car with me and laid in my lap like a baby with those pitiful eyes!  We took her by the vet's office and she weighed 26 pounds and she is about a year and a half old.
My husband told me he knew Amber sent me Honey to love.  Something to make me want to get out of the house and go for a walk to get some fresh air.
Well this little thing has kept me on my toes! 
She escaped twice the first two days from her pen but it is now secure where she can't dig under the fence.  She now knows she has a home and is where she belongs.  She loves to sit on top of her house and watch everything!  She sits up on the top angle of her house straddling the center!  It is the funniest thing.  My hubby took a picture of her the other day with his phone.  I just can't download it on my computer.  I will eventually get a picture of her sitting on it!  She climbs on top of the porch and then on the roof of the house :)  She seems very content now after a couple of weeks. 
I do feel like Amber did send me Honey to make me laugh.  The furbabies here in the house require constant attention, however, I did need something to make me want to at least go for a walk in the yard in the colder months.  We took Noodle everyday for a walk around our pasture.  Now there is Honey and she is just adorable.  I know Amber is laughing at her too ... sitting on top of her house!

Thanks for visiting and God Bless!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Mantle

I have been working on my Christmas mantle off and on for days.  There has been so much going on around here I still haven't hung the stockings.  I do have my glittery trees in place with the Christmas picture that has hung there all year.  Amber gave me the picture several years ago and it has been hanging there through the seasons.  I love it and I know it is a winter scene but it makes me happy all year long!  I don't care if I do break "rules" in decorating. 

A closeup of some of the glittery ornaments that deck the mantle with the picture in the background.  I will post it again after it is completed.  I still have a little tweaking to do :)
I have been busy this week with Jennifer and helping her decorate for Christmas. 
We also have a new furry friend who came into our lives ... her name is Honey and she is adorable.  I can't get her to stay still long enough to take good pics ... she does make me laugh!

Thanks for visiting and God Bless!