Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Storm

We are under a winter storm warning where I live in the South.  Everyone has been to get their milk and bread at Walmart!  We are expecting more snow than ice.  South of us there may be lots of ice.  People in our area just don't know how to drive in the icy, snowy weather.  Highway and interstates are closed already.  We have plenty of food here in our house and we are prepared.  Years ago we were without power for days when there was an ice storm.  We have not had icy weather in years. 

In 1993 we had "The Blizzard of "93".  The state was shut down for days!  We had about 2 feet of snow which is a once in a lifetime event for us.  We were without power for days and at the time we were totally dependent on electricity to keep us warm.  We had the fireplace and kept warm by the fire and listened to the radio.  We "camped out" by the fireplace to stay warm.  We slept on a mattress all snuggled up.  Since that event we now have gas logs and a gas hot water heater.  Everyone here remembers March of 1993 due to the blizzard and plenty of stories to tell.

I have my hand sewing on standby along with plenty of books and magazines to read to occupy the time should the power go out.  I made beef stew for lunch and an Italian Cream cake for something sweet to eat.  Hopefully the electricity will not be affected and the ice and snow will soon be just a memory!

Stay warm,


Susan said...

Donna we are under a winter storm watch here in South Carolina as well! If we snow or ice the city of Myrtle Beach will shut down! We beach people cannot drive in any kind of increment weather! LOL
Good Luck!!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I'm sooooo hoping that power does not go out this time...1st because it's just too cold to go without heat...2nd MY AUBURN TIGERS ARE PLAYING THE BIGGEST GAME SINCE 1957...this AUBURN MOM will be crying tomorrow night if my daughter and the other students miss the game because of this storm:( We had plans on going to AUBURN to watch the game with other members of our AUBURN FAMILY but now we can' we will watch with friends and family here on the coast where we will be safe and warm:) Take care and I hope all goes will at your place!


Linda said...

Keep warm!! I hope you don't lose power! That's the worst. At least you'll be prepared. Keep us posted!!

from my front porch... said...

I remember the '93 blizzard well! I was working at an Arabian horse farm in north Georgia and had over 120 horses to care for! 30 lived in the barn the rest outside! What an ordeal...
We are ready for this one! Stay warm :)
xo, misha

Cindy said...

Donna..I just finished my slice of Italian creme My daughter received one for her birthday Monday..and she is starting her diet the cake needs to dissapear!! lol I just thought I would help
We are prepared here at my daughters in Oklahoma.It always gets bad here..and her husband shipped out last Sunday for 6 I am the help.I just arrived here last night...that was a long 8 hr trip.
I do love snow...but the ice no thank you!!
They say week after this one is going to be worse..yuck

Stay warm my friend..and have fun eating the delicious cake..It's our favorite!!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Hope you (and we) don't lose power! Stay in and stay warm! Snuggle down with that cute pup of yours.

Jen in NY said...

Thinking of you Donna...and hoping you don't lose power! I've heard lots about the storm of '93...that must have been scary. Stay safe and warm!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Yep! Going thru the same thing here. As long as I still have electricity and heat - all is well.

Marilyn said...

Snow day for us tomorrow-no school. I can always tell when it's really bad outside because the cattle trucks actually slow down on their way past my house. Maybe I'll be putting some things away in the morning and reading. Stay warm and safe inside. ♥♫

Bernie said...

We have just come through a weekend of heavy snow, we have received almost 4 feet since Friday and tonight it is so windy and very cold. This arctic freeze is suppose to be with us all week. Stay warm and safe my friend, snow I love, freezing rain and ice not at all.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Oh my! I know what you mean about driving in ice and snow. We don't know how either. Of course, people here don't know how to drive in the fog either. I sure hope your storms turn out to be a fun adventure and not something to endure for days on end.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Donna, we are bracing for snow on Monday too. Should arrive around noon. Then into the night we will get ice. Not my idea of fun! I hate to try to get out and about with ice on the ground/roads. And we are subject to lose our power if we get ice. I well remember the storm in 93. Luckily we have gas logs and gas hot water too. Take care and enjoy being snow bound. Sounds like you are well prepared. The food sounds yummy. I love an Italian cream cake. Love & blessings from NC!

wendysquilting said...

Stay warm and safe! We normally have lots of snow and ice and people here still don't seem to know how to drive safely in it.
One winter when my girls were small seems to me it was 96 we had so much snow that the city was shut down for almost 3 days, the roads felt like tunnels and there was still some snow and ice on the lakes in May. My 4 girls were all still it made for a very long just a memory :) but a fun one to recall.