Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland

It looks like a winter wonderland here in the south.  We received between 7-8 inches of snow.  I went outside for a few minutes to take a few pictures.  It is not often that we have snow pics!
My magnolia tree is drooping with the snow.
I didn't realize I left this basket hanging until it filled with snow.  Funny how you notice things with snow on it :)
Inside our sideyard looking out to the highway.
Looking into our pasture. 
Snow on a fence post ... so pretty!
Chairs filled with snow in the backyard.  My topsy turvy planter will probably have broken, cracked pots.
Looking out my front door.

We didn't lose power so I can deal with the snow. At least if I am going to be in the house I can watch television and sew.

The weatherman just said we might make it above freezing on Friday.  There has been very little traffic going by the house today.   Schools will probably be closed most of the week.  In the meantime I am not going far.

Stay warm and God Bless!


Thelma said...

Your pictures are lovely, enjoy that snow!

In addition to sewing and watching TV, I always think an unexpected snow day deserves a great dessert, hope you're also baking something sweet, calories consumed during a snowstorm don't count!

Susan said...

Hey Donna, South Carolina government offices were closed today. I got a snow day. I spent the day sewing and I made some fudge for the hubby. Hubby is sick so I wanted to cheer him up.

Jen in NY said...

I was thinking about you today, I'm so glad you didn't lose power. My sister's in NC and she got about the same amount of snow...but now it's converting to ice. We're hoping they keep their power, so far so good. Your pictures are beautiful. Everything looks so serene covered in snow!

Linda said...

Glad to hear didn't lose power, Donna! Now you can relax, sew and enjoy the snow from your nice warm home!

Mama Pea said...

Wow! Two dumps in the last couple of weeks! How great for you all. Glad you have power and all is well. Stay warm!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Enjoyed seeing your pictures. I have settled in. As long as I have electricity and heat, I am good to go. :D
Enjoy your week!

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Donna.
Thanks for sharing your photos with us today. We got some snow here also.
Wishing you a wonderful week.
Hugs, Sharon

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

So pretty! I'm glad you've got power.

Patty said...

Great pics! We got a lot of snow here in Tennessee too. Yay for the power staying on!

Bernie said...

It seems that it is snowing all over America these past few days, enjoy it, warm and cosy nside my friend, great pictures....:-)Hugs

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Your pictures look normal to me. Here in Northwestern Pennsylvania, we love the snow!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

You guys got a boatload of snow...only some sleet for us here on the coast. Your home looks beautiful in all that WHITE!!!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I have goose bumps just looking at all of your snow!!


LOL about the basket...yes, everything gets a new dimension with some snow on it.

Happy New Year, Donna!!