Friday, July 8, 2011

Sweet Tea Quilt Update

I am joining Susan at Blackberry Creek for her weekly UFO quilt update.
 I have slowly been working on my Sweet Tea quilt I began a LONG time ago!

I love teapots, teacups and sweet tea.  Living in the South you gotta have your sweet tea!
Just one of the teapots.
I finally have the handles on my teacups and one border on my quilt.  I love how the ribbon border is made when sewing the teacups together.
Now I just have to decide on placement of my teacups around the border.  I am moving really slow and working on other projects too.   I have such a mess in my sewing room!

We have started a new project in our house and I have a huge mess right now.  I went this morning to pick out paint for the room we are redoing.  Now I get to think about curtains and pillows and all kinds of pretties!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Betty Lou said...

Love your Sweet Tea quilt, it is so sweet. Nothing like painting a room to give it new life and the fun of redecorating. Be sure to post pictures when finished.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You are a much more patient person than I am. It is going to be so pretty.
Enjoy your weekend.

Susan said...

Donna, your quilt is so pretty! You are doing an awesome job!

Lynn said...

Sweet Tea is looking good! I'm a sucker for teapots and tea cups. I even have a small teapot and tea cup collection.

Good luck with your remodel! I'm finishing up redoing my sewing room. There's nothing quite like a freshly painted room.

donna said...

Your teacup quilt is so cute. What fun redecorating a room.

Linda said...

Love your Sweet Tea Quilt!! Just darling! Have fun with your new little project. Hopefully, we'll see pic of it!

Deb said...

This quilt would be perfect for a tea-loving friend of mine. It's looking good!

Bernie said...

Your pictures and quilt makes me look at tea pots a whole different way, I love them. Good luck with your house project.....big hugs, xo

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

I'm loving it, Donna. Your colors and fabrics are charming.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Oh, how I wish I had your talent, Donna!!!!!
Cannot wait to see it finished. How did you learn to quilt?
That is what I want to know!! Maybe a post?
Have a wonderful day, sweet friend!
xo, misha

Jen said...

Great quilt Donna! I totally love these teapots and the tea-cups. This will be so lovely when it's finished.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Oh you do gotta have some sweet tea! Your quilt is coming along so nicely. The teapots are so cute!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

All your quilt work is lovely! The watermelon and my favorite so far - the teacups and teapots. Your kitty is cute. I love kitties. What's your new project? Are you ready to share yet?

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Hi Donna -- your quilts are wonderful! I'm feeling much better now ....thanks for asking -- just a lingering annoying cough now. Hope you had a wonderful 4th. said...

Oh, how sweet this quilt is! Been chugging a great deal of sweet tea myself, trying to keep cool in this oppressive heat and humidity!

Stay cool:)


Mama Pea said...

Looking good! Way to make some progress!