Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Baby is 30!

My little girl is 30 years old today!  Makes me feel so old :)  I am lucky to have this adorable young lady as my daughter.
The happy couple ... they are still newlyweds after all! LOL
They came to our house on Saturday and we took her out to dinner and had birthday cake afterwards.  She insisted on not having a party!

Her daddy and I are so blessed to have Jennifer as our daughter!  She has been such a comfort to us the past couple of years even though she misses her "Sissy" so much too!  She always has the right words to say or the perfect Bible verse to quote me when I need it most.  She is a wonderful Christian girl.

I don't write about Jennifer too much on my blog due to the fact that she had her own blog for awhile.  With her long hours of working she gave it up for now. 

She has made me and her daddy so proud!  She was the valedictorian of her high school class, a magna cum laude graduate in college with all kinds of honors and a magna cum laude graduate of the pharmacy school she attended with honors!  You know I should really call her Dr. Jennifer ... !  After four years of college and four years of pharmacy school I was so glad when she graduated from school with her doctorate!!  She is a perfectionist ... she didn't get that from me!

I kept asking her what she wanted for her birthday.  I thought something sentimental like a piece of jewelry and she said she just wanted me to make drapes for their bedroom. A couple of months ago I made pillow shams, a comforter, and bed skirt for her.  Now she wants drapes to match!  So we purchased the fabric and I will be making them in the next few days.  She has no interest in learning to sew!!  Maybe she will let me share their master bedroom in a post.  Her house is beautiful!
I wanted to do something a little more personal for her and decided to make her a scrapbook of her bridesmaids luncheon and bridal showers from last year.  I finally got the bridesmaids luncheon pages completed and she was thrilled with it!  I will continue to work on the bridal showers as well.  There are sooo many pictures!  I love to scrapbook but I miss my scrapbooking buddy ... Amber!
These are a couple of pics from her bridesmaids luncheon ...

And I LOVE her shoes! I did a really cute page with these shoes!  I have a Silhouette digital craft cutter and I cut little shoes out and decorated them.  I wish I had good pics of the scrapbook pages to share.

And this is a bouquet of flowers I picked from my garden and gave her for her b'day!  I love having flowers in my garden!

Well I need to get busy on those drapes!  Gotta make the birthday girl happy!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Love you,


Thelma said...

My Baby Girl turns 30 the 15th of this month, how could we possibly have daughters that old and what would we do without them?

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Happy Birthday, Jennifer!
Both you and your mom are to blessed to have one another :)
xo, misha

Miriam said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

I love those shoes too!! :)

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Jennifer!!!! Such a beautiful family, Donna!

Denise said...

Beautiful pictures....... and yes they do grow up so fast..... My "baby" is 42 this year! OMG.. Bring on the Social Security! hahaha

Betty Lou said...

Jennifer is so beautiful and so smart also. You are blessed. Happy Birthday Jennifer! Like your new background.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! She is such a pretty young lady.

Marilyn said...

You are blessed! And the zinnias from the garden look perfect. My mom always plants them, but I'm afraid the bugs would eat them. Maybe I'll be brave next summer and try them. You are more dedicated than I am with sewing. Hope your daughter lets you share everything!♥♫

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!

Linda said...

Your daughter is lovely ~ you deserve to feel so proud:) And she's a lucky young lady to have a wonderful mother like you:)

Your zinnias are gorgeous! I tried growing them here in FL but they didn't do well ~ too wet and humid I think:(


Jen in NY said...

Jennifer sounds like such a wonderful daughter! That is a sweet picture of her and her husband. I love those shoes too, and the dress is super cute! The scrapbook is a thoughtful gift. I love to scrapbook, I have running school scrapbooks for the kids that I add to each year. Pretty zinnias, I have the exact same ones! :-) xo Jen

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Happy Birthday to Jennifer! She is a beautiful girl, both inside and out. I can tell from reading your posts. I know she loved her birthday gifts & how special that you are making her some drapes for her bedroom. What an amazing Mom you are! Looks like Jennifer was very well celebrated on her big day! Love & blessings from NC!

Mama Pea said...

That is so sweet. She sounds like an amazing woman. It's no surprise, with such amazing parents. So glad you get to spend time with her like you do!