Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Fall Y'all

I have been decorating the table at the front door for Fall.  I brought several boxes up from the basement and began trying to make the house cozy for the cooler days we are having.

I am still tweaking the table ... are you ever really satisfied?  I never am!

My sweet Jim Shore bunny Amber gave me the last Mother's Day before she went to Heaven :)  He now holds his fall bounty basket.  He is actually a garden statue but there is no way I am putting him in my yard!  He keeps an eye on me all the time.

Sunflower tealight I found at Cracker Barrel.  The house smells yummy!

On top of the entertainment center ... gotta have Jennifer with her hubby!   I made the little pumpkin topiary.  I used a little flower pot, painted it black inserted the pumpkin on a stick and added the leaves and berries.  Simple! 

And here is Amber.  If you read my blog I have shared with you that she loved sunflowers :)  Jennifer and I were in Yankee Candle last week and we both purchased the little harvest girl sitting to the right.  I should have gotten a closeup pic of her ... adorable! 
The little pumpkin girl to the left of her picture is one like I have on her headstone. 
Of course she has sunflowers in the vase!  I was having a "blah" day yesterday (more than usual).  When I went yesterday to the cemetery I began looking around and there were so many sunflowers in other vases.  It was like she was telling me "Mommy ... smile"!

Now I am headed out to the front yard to try to arrange the pumpkins Jennifer and I bought at a Pumpkin Patch Party we went to on Saturday.  Loved the party Melinda if you read this! 

And thank you to Linda at Coastal Charm for featuring my bench makeover on her wonderful blog!

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Jen in NY said...

I always love how you decorate, Donna! I'm sorry you were having a down day yesterday...but I'm glad that Amber gave you a happy sign. :-) The pictures of both your daughters are beautiful. Love the pumpkin topiary! xo Jen

Eileen said...

Wonderful! I just love everything.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Very cute decorations. I think they look perfect and Amber would be very happy to see all of those sunflowers. I'm sorry you were having a down day. Chin up girlfriend!!!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks great! I have not done any decorating yet for Fall. Guess I need to get buy - won't be long til time to deco. for Christmas. :D

Susan said...

Donna, your fall decorations are very pretty! Amber is very pleased!

Betty Lou said...

Your house looks beautiful for the fall season, love the topiary. Listen to Amber, I think she wants you to be happy. I know it is difficult, Hugs

Linda said...

Love all your fall decorations. Your new little pumpkin girl looks perfect next to Amber.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Your nest is looking so fallish and that little pumpkin girl is so cute!

Linda said...

Your fall decorations are lovely, Donna, especially how you incorporated Amber's picture. And your pumpkin topiary is gorgeous!


donna said...

Donna you fall decorations are beautiful. I love how you have included your pictures. So sweet.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

ohhhh, God Bless you dear one! Amber is always with you and I love that sunflowers remind you of her. I am sitting here, in the recliner - on the laptop (hubbies) and am staring at the bouquet of sunflowers on my coffee table. I have a fresh bouquet of them all summer. Now I will always think of Amber when looking at them. Your fall arrangement is lovely, just like you and your beautiful daughters.

Always thinking of you....always.

much love,

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Your fall fluffing looks wonderful! We're really cooling down quickly here in the Mid-Atlantic.