Friday, September 9, 2011

Pretty Dresses Quilt Blocks

When I was reorganizing my sewing room I found these quilt blocks I began years ago. 
I always made Amber and Jennifer's dresses and loved sewing for them. These are all "dresses" made from my scraps leftover from dresses I made for them when they were little and in their first few years of school.   Often they were dressed alike when they were younger.  Two adorable little girls :) if I say so myself!

These are just a few ...  have sixteen in all.  It's hard to take a picture around here without a little cat wanting to help!  She kept rearranging them for me! See her little paw in the top left corner.
This fabric was from little sundresses when they were little bitty girls!  I still have the dresses.  I still need to blanketstitch around the dress forms on each block.
The pattern is from the book "Quilting With My Sister". 
I do remember thinking what I would use for the sashings since I had all different colors of dresses.  Got any suggestions? 

It is a beautiful day here in the South.
Have a good weekend.



Carol at Serendipity said...

Beautiful. Not sure about the sashing. I would take them all to a quilt shop and hold up solids!

Deb said...

How very creative, Donna! A memory quilt for sure! I wasn't productive at all this week!

Marilyn said...

Sweet memories! I still have lots of Sarah's little dresses--I guess that is why Wally used to call me "Hector the Collector" from one of Shel Silverstien's poems.♥♫

Linda said...

That is so sweet. I love those little dresses. Just darling. My girls still like to dress alike. :-)

Betty Lou said...

Sweet dresses, I am impressed that you still have some of the dresses/scraps.

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

I love the blocks, and what sweet memories they must hold for you.

donna said...

Donna I love your little dresses. I made that quilt and used different purples. You should use the different fabrics from the dresses as sashing that is what I did. It is going to be so cute. This is one of my favorite quilts.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Oh Donna! What a darling quilt idea!! What a special way to remember the girls when they were little. I hope you'll finish this quilt. Oh the memories!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Donna, you are such a wonderful seamstress! I love the idea of using the girls' dresses...just so precious. How about using a vintage sheet for the fabric? You can find them at thrift stores and the old ones often have sweet floral prints - and are soooo soft!

LOVE the little helper's paw!!