Friday, December 9, 2011

A Little Christmas

I am so slow this year with my Christmas decorating.  I am having trouble this year even making little decisions with my decorating.  I decorate something, not happy with it and redo it ... ugh!
The holidays seem so stressful this year! 
This is a little snowman I bought this year.    I went very simple with this arrangement.  I stuck him in a pot of greenery and added a small strand of white lights so he glows at night.  I have him at the front door under a mirror to greet guests.  (I had to stoop way down to take the picture so I would not capture myself.  It would be a scary picture today.)

I always try to be upbeat on my blog despite missing Amber.  The holidays are the hardest.  My husband and I placed Amber's tree at her headstone today.  Needless to say it was decorated with snowmen :)

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erin said...

hi Donna!
what a cute snowman and i just LOVE the gorgeous header...i have just been catching up with your blog and your snow village is so sweet and i just love the front door wreath too!! i think it is perfectly o.k to change your mind about things and redo (i "redo" all the time) just need to do what is right for you....the holidays can be very difficult for are not alone....remember your Amber Angel wants you to be happy....i think she is smiling in heaven, surrounded by a sunny field of sunflowers and a purple sky with the scent of her favorite yankee candle burning.

Rebecca said...

I was like that two years ago, Donna. Couldn't get anything to work or look right. I love your snowman...GORGEOUS!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I was slow decorating and did not decorate that much. Just could not get in the right frame of mind - to much has been going on the last few months.

Marilyn said...

I am slow, too. Sometimes it is just hard to be cheerful when we miss our loved ones so much. I even tell my kids at school that life just isn't fair.♥♫

Betty Lou said...

Your snowman is so cute way to greet your guests. Must have been hard today but remember Amber would want you to enjoy the holidays for her. Hugs

Shelia said...

Oh, Donna, my heart goes out to you! I can't imagine what you and your family have gone through. You'll be in my prayers.
By the way, your little snowman is so cute.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Donna -- your little snowman is adorable...what a fun greeting at your door. I'm so slow this year and not putting as much out either. As a mother, I can only half imagine how you must miss Amber, especially at this holiday that is such a nostalgic one. I can only hope that she would be happy to know that so many of us think that you're a mighty wonderful lady and we're so glad to have you as a bloggy neighbor. Sending Christmas hugs from Virginia!

Stitched With Prayer said...

OH, my sweet Donna...Your little snowman arrangement is wonderful. I haven't done anything yet but hang two small quilted hangings that I made last year, though this is the first year I have displayed them. I can tell you are having an especially tough time this year. I'm so sorry I've been absent for a while now. We have been busy and I have finally been getting back into a sewing routine after these many months without working at my machine and it is wonderfully therapeutic. I had almost forgotten how helpful it is to me for stress, pain related to my Scleroderma and Sjogrens and just 'Life' in general. I'm having a hard time getting enthused about decorating this year for some reason. I've been missing my mom especially bad this year even though she has been gone for some 35 years. Ah well, I'll keep my mind on the "Reason for the Season", that usually brings me around. Please know my sweet friend that you are in my thoughts and prayers every single day. I've not forgotten your request. Sending you big hugs and hope to hear from you soon. God Bless...

Thelma said...

I'm thinking of you, I can't imagine how hard every day life is for you without Amber, but the holidays must be heartbreakingly hard. Best Wishes. said...

Oh Donna, I'm so sorry to hear that you're having a hard time. Please know that we're sending love your way and hope that you'll soon feel it wrapped around you.


donna said...

Your snowman is so cute. I am so sorry you are having a hard time. Know that I am thinking of ya'll and you will be in my prayers.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I would love to see the snowmen on Amber's grave :) How special of you to do that! But, then you are Mom!!!!!! You are always in my heart and prayers, Donna. I know Amber is watching over you...purple tennis shoes and all!
xo, misha

Mama Pea said...

I hear you, Sister. I am having the same trouble this holiday season. Having trouble getting into the spirit of things, feeling losses, and just generally down. It seems like so many people are hurting. (financially, emotionally, etc.) We all need a little joy in our lives. I know that Amber was a joy to you. I hope your happy memories help you now. You are in my thoughts.