Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ideal House

Saturday my husband and I with a couple of friends went to B'ham to look at open houses.  I love to go and look to get ideas.  We are not moving or building.  It's just fun looking.  We looked at homes waaaaay out of our price range but hey it is fun to look at how some people live.  This home was one of many we looked at and it was called the "Ideal House".  I had never seen a house with black walls ... yes black!  And it worked with the decor.

I took this pic as I walked into the front door.  The front door was painted red.  I couldn't get a pic of it ... too many people!  There was a cow print looking rug on the hardwood floors.

The family room which had a modern feel to it.

The white kitchen with subway tile and marble countertops.  You can see the dining room through the door on the right of the pic.  It was very modern.

Another view of the kitchen looking back toward the front door on the other side of the stairs.

Master bath looking through french doors.  The shower is behind the claw foot tub with the glass opening.  Notice the black tile .. unusual but again it works!  The door to the left was a huge closet.  The countertops in the bath were black granite.

The master bedroom with black walls also.  I adored the little chandelier above the bed.  I was standing in the bath when I took this pic.  I actually liked the bedroom ...maybe it was the bedding and the chandelier I liked :)

The laundry room with neutral walls and red washer and dryer.

I loved the "lost socks" hanging on the wall of the laundry room.  I need one of these!

An upstairs bedroom with neutral walls and black accents.  This headboard was gorgeous with all the detail.  

I have many more pics I will share in other posts including my favorite house.  I thought this one was so unusual I would share it first.  I would never have thought of painting walls black but to each his own!

Also another quick note ... thank you all for all your heart warming comments on my last post.  They made my heart happy!

Thanks for visiting!


Creations By Cindy said...

WOW! Love the rooms. I adore the the sock holder too! So cute. Think my favorite room is the Master bath! Ooh, I might just need a bath all day! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Marilyn said...

Hmmm. Looks sharp, but, I think I'd be depressed in about 4 days!♥♫

Mama Pea said...

That sock holder is so cute! I don't know if I could live with all the black walls. But I liked it better than I thought I would!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Don't think I could live with black walls every day.
Thanks for the tour.

Betty Lou said...

Very different---don't think we traditional girls would be comfortable with so much black. I would love to find a lost socks hanger, that was so cute.

sophia blue said...

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