Friday, June 22, 2012

Angel Wings...

I had a package delivered to my door on Wednesday and look what was inside!
Angel wings ... and from an angel.  Erin at Erin's Art and Gardens sent me these angelic wings. Aren't they gorgeous?!!

On Memorial Day I spotted angel wings in Erin's dining room hanging from a china cabinet.  As I was looking at all the gorgeous photos the angel wings caught my eye!
I left her a message asking where she had purchased them.  I know she lives in Franklin, Tennessee near Nashville.   I think of her every time we go to Nashville and pass the Franklin exit. She emailed me back with the shop where she purchased them and said it might be Christmas before they have them again.  I tucked the info in the back of my brain thinking we normally go that way during the Christmas holidays and I would look for them.

A few days later Erin wanted my mailing address.  She sent me the wings!  Blogging friends are wonderful ;)  My husband was so touched that this lady from Tennessee who had never met me in person took the time to send me this precious gift. 
I have moved them from Amber's room in the pics above to hanging them on her picture.  You never know where the angel may leave her wings :) 

Isn't it amazing in the big old blogging world how we connect with each other.   I have met the sweetest ladies!  I wish we could have a big party to meet each other.  Hopefully soon when I visit Franklin I can meet Erin.  Thank you Erin!

If you have never visited Erin go look at her gorgeous gardens, paintings and lovely home.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful weekend!



erin said...

you are quite welcome, donna! i felt so excited and happy to send them to you (and my hubby got in on the excitement too). the wings are at home with you and amber....

Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a wonderful gift to receive - they are in a perfect place.
Don't you love visiting Erin's blog - her photography and paintings are so pretty. She is a very talented lady.
If my bank account allowed it, I would be living in Franklin - love that place.
Thanks for stopping by and comment.
Enjoy your weekend.

Marilyn said...

The wings are perfect with Amber's picture!♥♫

Betty Lou said...

What a sweet and thoughtful blogging friend and they look like they were meant to be hanging with Amber.

donna said...

Donna that is so sweet of Erin. Your wings are beautiful.

Bianca said...

What a precious gift. How sweet of her to send you those.
When you do have that party, I'll be there! (uhm, that's if you do it this year, end of october;-D)
We will be coming through Franklin too, on our way to Nashville. Gonna look for them wings too.....

Have a good weekend and a big hug from me.

Shannon @ Cozy Home Scenes said...

Erin was very kind to remember you and Amber when she was on her quest to find these wings for you. You displayed them in a beautiful way to honor your daughter. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog this weekend. I hope yours is going well!

Shug said... sweet! Blogging friends are wonderful..I really like how you had the perfect place to hang your angel wings...

Mama Pea said...

That is so neat. Yes, blogging friends are wonderful. That a great gift, and it looks great there!

Zane Wooder said...

I'm loving the angel wings. They are very pretty.