Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quilt, Cats and the Blahs

I have been busy but can't seem to get much accomplished.  I have had the "blahs" missing Amber.  I try to be upbeat on my blog but honestly there are days that all I want to do is just lay on my bed and cry :(  I have no explanation for it but some days are so much worse than others.  Maybe because it's coming up on the 3rd anniversary of her passing.  
Oh well onto what I have been doing.

I am quilting this little bitty quilt today on the machine.  Excuse Flip the cat.  She thinks she has to be in every pic with a quilt.  I don't know what it is about quilts and cats but they seem to go together.  This small log cabin quilt is not perfect but a friend wanted me to make it for her so I am about to quilt it and put the binding on.

Here is an update on my newest "baby" Sinatra.  You can read about him here.  He had his claws taken care of this week.  I was sad about leaving him at the vet overnight. He was supposed to stay another night but they knew I would take great care of him so they let me bring him home last evening.  This pic was taken last week when I was playing with him.  His "sisters' are not quite sure of him!  Flip, the cat with the quilt pic above, is so gentle and adorable but she got so mad last night!  She pitched a "hissy fit" with me.  I have never seen her so mad.  She quickly got over it.  She is so jealous!  It will just take time for the "girls" to adjust.

And I had to post a pic of another one of my lilies.  They have been gorgeous this year!  I would like to cut them and bring some in the house but the sweet smell is so strong to me. 

Well got to go get busy on this little quilt and get it done!

As always thanks for visiting!


Susan said...

I know what you mean about Amber. I've noticed that grief has cycles.
I lost my youngest 19 years ago in an accident. This is the first year I didn't lay over in a heap on his birthday. I will pray for you, Donna.

Bianca said...

Oh Donna, so sad to hear you're having a hard time.
And what is three years? Nothing, it could as well been yesterday. When missing someone, time doesn't matter.
Now I don't know how it feels to be a mother, let alone to know how it feels to lose your daughter. But I do know that every loved one lost, is still there with you.
Hold on, remember the happy days with her, talk to her.
I'll pray for you and your loved ones.
Hug, Bianca

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your little quilt is darling and so are your precious kitties. Such a beautiful Lily too!

Sending you comforting hugs & love. I wish you peace as your heart struggles to cope with the loss of your dear Amber!

erin said...

i am so sorry for your "blahs". you are entitled to have those down days...the grieving process is different for everyone....i am thinking of you, dearest....
your log cabin quilt is a beauty.

Marilyn said...

I can totally understand what you are saying about your grief. Now sometimes I even am angry--I'll have to go study and see what stage that if there are stages. I think it all comes rolled into one big ball that hits us hard!

I love log cabin designs. I have strips cut out for some sort of Christmas pattern, but I cut them several years ago and can't remember what pattern they are for. I'll have to get busy when I get caught up outside. Maybe by the time school starts again!! I still think this next one will be my final year.

Take care and just get through one day at a time.♥♫

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Cats are funny like that - they always want to lay on what you are working on or reading. :-D
Enjoy your evening.

Betty Lou said...

So sorry you are having a bad spell, but I guess you can expect there will be days that are more difficult than others. Feel your feelings, don't try to deny them and the sun will shine again. Your kitties are so cute.

Creations By Cindy said...

The quilt is adorable Donna! Praying for your sweet spirit friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Jen in NY said...

Hi Donna! Big {{hugs}}, my friend. I'm sure some days are harder than others. That's the way grief works, I guess. I hope some easier days are ahead.

I love your kitties. Cats just cannot resist quilts. I have the same issues. LOL The log cabin quilt is beautiful!

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

I'm so sorry, Donna. I had a quite sudden visit from grief while driving a few days ago. I was right back on the morning of Vann's death. My doctor said everyone's period of grief is different. We have to be patient with ourselves and our grief. It's absolutely the worst emotion, I think. It takes over your entire mind and body. I'm praying for you, my dear, for peace and comfort.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Donna, I am so glad I came by today. I have missed stopping by for a visit. I need to poke around and see what else you've been up to, but I wanted to let you know I often think of you and Amber and your family. I haven't lost a daughter, but I find that I yearn for my dad (and my father-in-law) more at some times. Worker Bee and I both missed our fathers especially this past Father's Day. I hope you find some comfort in this and know that you have support from us out here in blogland.