Thursday, August 23, 2012

Antique Quilts

I love all quilts especially old ones.  The ones that were made when quilting was a necessity. When loving hands stitched away every night to make quilts to keep families warm on cold winter nights. I could sit and look at the fabric for hours wondering if feed sacks were used or remnants from clothing.
This quilt top was given to me and I think it may have been my grandmothers.  It is all hand stitched and is badly stained in places.   Someone also loved purple that pieced this top!  

  It's in really bad shape and I am not sure what to do with it.  Suggestions?  If you are a quilter I need help!  Do I leave it as it is or "work" on it?

This double wedding ring quilt was also my grandmother's.  I've had it for years and I have always loved the wedding ring pattern.  All the tiny little pieces!  It is always on display on a chair in the piano room.

A closeup of the fabrics and stitches in the quilt.  It has about every color in the colorwheel.  Love it!

And finally another special quilt.
When my mother-in-law passed away last year this is the only thing my husband wanted that belonged to her.  This wonderful quilt made by his grandmother.  I thought it was so sweet that he would want a quilt ;)  He knew it would have a loving home in our house.  Of course I was a happy girl.  I washed it and it is in great shape.

It is in style now with all the aqua colors used in decorating these days.
When I took this pic I noticed right in the center there is another purple quilt block with sweet little flowers.

When I look at these treasures it makes me appreciate all the wonderful tools that is available to quilters these days!  I can only imagine how much time it took to cut each little piece of fabric for these quilts.  

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Deborah said...

These are such beautiful quilts. All the work that goes into quilts like these just amazes me! I'm not sure what I would do with the top quilt....probably leave it as is.

Bianca said...

Wished I had old quilts like that. What a treasure to own and care for. Love the weddingringquilt. I want to make one some day.... but then, I want to make so many kinds of quilts some day, I don't think I will get old enough to make everything that's in my head.
That first top though, I don't thing I would do anything with it. Just keep it safe, in a safe, but I recently saw an old quilttop framed up. Behind UV-shielding glass no less. Think I would do thát if it was mine and from a loved familymember. But whatever you deside will be good.
Was great reading you again ;-)
Till next time?!
Big hug!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

What treasures to have. Great that your husband asked for the quilt knowing how much you enjoyed quilting. He knew it would be properly taken care of.

Susan said...

What do the stains look like?
Maybe you can spot-clean them without fading the fabric.

Marilyn said...

I have a double wedding ring quilt that my grandma made for my aunt. My aunt gave it to me as she didn't have any children. Both of our quilts look like the same era and I think they're grand!!

You are so good at sewing, I think you should finish the first quilt, unless the fabric is rotting away. The stains might just add character to the quilt top. Perhaps you could use it out in the new sun porch to snuggle in on a cool day.♥♫

Mama Pea said...

Wonderful quilts!

With the one you just got, you might try washing it to see if the stains come out. I have read that with delicate quilts, you should fill the bathtub with water and put an old sheet in the bottom. Then, put the quilt top in to soak. I think they say just to soak it in the water without any detergent. I suppose you could add a gentle, no rinse detergent like Eucalan, if you felt you needed it. When it's time to take it out of the tub, lift it up by the sheet so as not to stress and strain the fabric. You could gently squeeze some of the water out, and then go lay it on the lawn on the sheet to dry.

I would probably try that to see how it cleans up. I don't know as far as value goes if you have it quilted if it would decrease or increase the value. If it was mine, I would probably be tempted to find someone who does hand quilting (maybe Amish or Mennonite) and see if they'd hand quilt it for me. Then, I'd display it like you do with the others.

Just my thoughts! Will be excited to see what you decide to do!

donna said...

Donna your quilts are beautiful. I am not sure what I would do if the quilt was mine. You have some wonderful treasures.
donna said...

Eke! Those quilts are gorgeous, Donna! The first one reminds me of icecream cones ~ must be the heat here in Florida! Have you considered maybe leaving it as it is and hanging it on a wall somewhere? I kinda like the shabbiness of it.


Ellen in Oregon said...

I think I may have just the solution needed for your Nosegay quilt with the spots. It is called Retro Clean fabric cleaner. I have not used it personally, but it was featured on a local quilt shops newsletter called the Pine Needle out here in Lake Oswego Oregon. Just google the product and you will also find testimonial from Eleanor Burns on YouTube. It is supposed to be safe for effectively removing stains & discoloration on all kinds of vintage textiles without harming the fabric. Pine Needle has it on sale for $4 a package so the price is right. Check it out and see if it seems like it can restore the fabrics in your antique. If you use Retro Clean, please let everyone know how it works. I would like to try it on some antique tatting items I inherited. beautiful works of art, but what was once a lovely ivory color is now a grungy brownish color. How this helps.