Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunflowers in the Sunroom

The sunroom is finished with the construction and look what I hung first ...
yes a sunflower!  I bought it in Florida a few weeks ago.  It is a large metal sunflower that just begged me to buy it :)  It is actually a garden stake or for me it was perfect to hang between the windows.  I just unscrewed the stake and hung it.

I have been gathering some of my sunflower decor to decorate the room.  On the left is a birdhouse in the shape of a sunflower I found a few months ago at Homegoods.  I will hang it from the ceiling in a corner.  The sign was originally on the porch and says "Friends Make Life Bearable".  So true!  My friends are the best :)  It has sunflowers painted between the letters.  

This little table I love.  I purchased it three years ago.  I fell in love with it when I first saw it in an antique store window.  I kept my eye on it for months and when it was marked down I bought it.
I love the green color.  It didn't go with anything in my house except my sewing room.  It has been in there since I purchased it.  I had always hoped to have a sunroom to put it in and now it has the perfect home.

It has a little drawer on the front.  Perfect for storing little items.
I love the distressed look for the finish.

The room is coming together.  Some things I thought I would use I have decided not to use.  Other things I am adding.   I need to paint a few things like chairs and another table.  They will be yellow. This is a sunny room with happy colors!

Speaking of friends ... Deborah of Simply Miss Luella made me this adorable pincushion.  She knows why I love the color purple :)  She is a very talented lady who has a lovely blog.

And I can't end this post without remembering the day eleven years ago when our country was attacked.  I remember exactly where I was at and will never forget. My thoughts and prayers are with the people who lost loved ones.  God Bless America!

Thanks for visiting.


W. Latane Barton said...

Donna, your sunroom is going to be so much fun when you get it all decorated. Love the colors you have chosen.

Mama Pea said...

Your room is awesome. Can't believe you finished it so fast! I love that table. The sunflowers out there will be just perfect!

Thelma said...

I'm guessing that new sunroom is going to be a happy and sunny room that you use often! It looks great so far! I bet you are so relieved to have the hard work done, now it's nothing but fun!

Susan said...

Donna, it is good to see your post! I don't know if I have been missing your post or if it has been awhile since you posted!
Your sun room is so pretty. What could be a more appropriate way to decorate a sun room but with sun flowers. Amber is smiling down and saying way to go Mom!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

This room is going to be so much fun for y'all...LOVE that darling table and that cute sunflower from the beach.


Betty Lou said...

So cute and cheerful, love the sunflowers.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Love what I am seeing so far and looking forward to seeing the whole room!
Hope you are enjoying your week.

Rebecca said...

Fabulous my friend. Yummmmeeee! LOVE THAT SUNFLOWER!

Yep...got the chair that matches the French Desk/Cabinet. Just won't fit with everything else in the room. That's OK. I won't be sitting at it anyway!

Hugs...R PS: Your sun room makes me jealous 'cause I want one too! xoR

Bianca said...

In every way possible a real sunny room! Love all those sunflower themed stuff too! Will keep my eye out for such things.
Guess that room also really needs a sunny quilt, don't you think??

Hug, Bianca

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I know you are going to enjoy your beautiful sun room! Everything is starting to come together there for ya! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Linda said...

Sunroom looks amazing, Donna!!!! Love all those windows and the floors are stunning!!!! Sunflower was the perfect thing to hang first. :-)

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Crazy about sunflowers. In fact, I'm working on a sunflower quilt for next June quilt show. Can't wait to see your finished sunroom love your sunflower touches.