Friday, October 5, 2012

Mums and Pumpkins

I love the colors associated with Fall.  Mums and pumpkins bring much needed color to my yard this time of year.
I am working on my Fall display in the front yard today.  
It is a gorgeous day in the South!  

Gorgeous purple mums ... one of my favorites.

Pumpkins in all colors and shapes.

Layers of little flowers in this pot of mums.  So pretty!

There is heavy dew on the pumpkins this morning.  

A color of mums I have never seen before and they are gorgeous as well.

I am headed out into the yard to put it all together.  I don't know why I "fuss" over it but I will arrange and rearrange it over and over!  I will take pics as soon as I have it completed and post it soon.

 Have a wonderful weekend!



Susan said...

Such beautiful colors to herald in the fall season...and fussing is good, especially when you have such a eye for detail, Happy Fall, XOXO

Susan said...

LOVE those lavender mums! I'm having a hard time find white pumpkins here; may have to paint some.
I like Fall & Spring. No weather extremes for this old lady!
I enjoy your eye for beauty.

Linda said...

So beautiful!!! Everything is so gorgeous. Nothing prettier than different colored pumpkins and in different shapes. Love!!

Michele Smith said...

Have a wonderful time! Those pumpkins are gorgeous, I love all the shapes and colors. I picked up a few like that from walmart the other day.

Mama Pea said...

Just gorgeous! I love it!

Betty Lou said...

I've been waiting for your fall decoration post. Last year your front yard (pictures) were so beautiful.

W. Latane Barton said...

Great choices for the Fall. I can't wait to see how you arrange it all.

donna said...

Donna I just love your mums. I can not wait to see how you arrange them.