Monday, October 22, 2012

Vintage Plant Stands

A couple of years ago when the house across from ours was being auctioned off the family was going to throw these plant stands away.  No one was interested in them.   I told them if they were going to discard them I would take them.  I brought them home and  tucked them away in our barn.  I had nearly forgotten about them until a few weeks ago. 
I needed tables for my plants in my sunroom that I am still decorating!  (Back issues have really slowed me down)  They were in really bad shape and too rusty for even my taste.  (I wish I had  pics before my husband began cleaning them up!)   There was wicker around the top that had completely rotted away.  Sadly it had to all be torn away.  I love wicker but there was no way to save it :(  I bought Rustoleum spray paint and my husband sanded and painted them. for me.

We had plexi-glass cut to fit in the areas where the plants are perched instead of glass just in case a "furbaby" knocked one over ... don't want anyone hurt.

The plant stands have lots of detail in the ironwork and lots of character.  And better yet they have a new home and I adore them in my sunroom.

I hope to have my room finished soon.  I am making new covers for chairs and pillows. Lots of color in this happy room!  I love sitting in it.

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

They look great - nice redo!
Sorry you are still having problems with your back.:(
Enjoy your week.

Susan said...

I have an unusual one too--mine is for African Violets, also in white wrought-iron. Yours is just lovely and makes that corner a real conversation area. Take it easy and listen to your body, XOXO

donna said...

Donna I can not believe someone was throwing that plant stand away. I am so glad you got it and brought it back to life. It is a great piece. Hope your back gets to feeling better.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

You've given them a gorgeous second life! I hope your poor back is better soon!

Ellen in Oregon said...

What a wonderful way to repurpose the plant stands that would have ended up in a landfill. The stands have beautiful detail and diplay your plants nicely. You have a warm & welcoming home.

Mama Pea said...

Wow, they turned out great. How perfect. You really have an eye for picking up good things with lots of potential!

Marilyn said...

I need a barn with these kinds of treasures. I sure do hope your back is getting better...♥♫

Kerrie said...

I adore planters! Yours came out lovely! I have one to clean up also on my "long" To Do list! Ha! Hugs, Kerrie

Babs said...

Perfect piece for a sun room. Love the shell motif.

LuAnn said...

I love those plant stands, and your gorgeous sunroom is the perfect place for them. Hope your back feels better soon!

Michele said...

Talk about a win-win situation. You got beautiful stands that are perfect for a sunroom and kept two things out of a landfill. Well done!