Monday, October 8, 2012

Wagon Full of Mums and Pumpkins

I emptied my wagon of summer flowers, pulled it from the back yard to the front yard and begin filling it with pumpkins and mums. 
Seems like it took me forever to arrange it like I wanted. My cute scarecrow girl with her purple flower on her hat was placed in the center back to begin decorating.   I brought out my 
"pumpkin patch" stake from last year I bought at HL plopped it in the ground and went to work.  Arranging and rearranging :)
I used blocks of wood to elevate the pumpkins and mums to make it appear "overflowing".

The colors and textures of the pumpkins are all different.  I have a friend who grows pumpkins on their tomato farm and she always has a plethora to choose from. 

I have gotten much use of this sign and glad I bought it several years ago.
I adore the "cinderella" pumpkin with orange and green colors.  The bright orangs ones with "bumps" have lots of texture.  The off white smaller pumpkin on top reminds me of a large acorn.
This white pumpkin is one of my favorites ... oh they all are!  I love pumpkins.  I remember back in the day there was only the typical bright orange carving pumpkins.  Now there is such a variety to choose from.  All the colors are wonderful for this time of year.
I did add some faux leaves to the wagon as "fillers". 
I thought I had the display finished and then decided to cover the plastic pots the mums were in with burlap.  I just wrapped pieces of burlap around each pot and secured it with floral pins.
The wagon was fun to put together and I didn't change it too many times :)
I like it and it brings lots of color to the front yard!
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erin said...

hi donna,
your wagon overflowing with autumn goodness is just delightful! you did such a good job a pro! love it! i will "pin" it to my autumn board if you don't mind?

Linda said...

I bought mums and pumpkins this weekend too, Donna!!!! I love your arrangement!!!!! Soooo pretty. The white pumpkins are some of my favorites too.

Marilyn said...

Your fall wagon is the best decoration I've seen! You do beautiful work when you celebrate the season. And I think that wagon is perfect. Now I think I "need" one, too.♥♫

Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a pretty Fall vignette. I really like the variety of pumpkins.
Beautiful Fall day here and hope it is your way also.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Donna, it is perfect!!!!!!!! What a gorgeous arrangement you have made. Awesome! And I really love all the variety of pumpkins.

Happy fall! ((hugs))


Susan said...

Really cute!
And warm-looking.
I love the fall; my mums and asters go bananas...and it begins to cool off here!

Rebecca said...

I have that SAME pumpkin patch yard sign! Mine is white and I LOVE IT!

I barely have started on my front yard...I way behind this year! BAH!


Love, Rebecca

Mama Pea said...

I love all pumpkins, too...especially the white ones. Sigh. I really wish I could do what you do. I have trouble getting motivated to even get stuff out, because I just have to put it away again. hee hee.

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

I love your wagon and all it's autumn treasures. You're such a good decorator. said...

Your wagon is lovely, Donna! All of the pumpkins are gorgeous, and I too love the Cinderella ones:)


donna said...

Donna I am just in love with your pumpkin patch. You have done a beautiful job. I am always afraid to do that here fear of the smell. It is still warm here.

LuAnn said...

All of your fall decorations are so pretty. I love the wagon with all of the pumpkins and mums!