Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family Room Mantle

I am so slow with decorating this year or at least it seems like it.  I finally took some pics of my mantle in the room where we spend most of our time.  I have always decked this room at Christmas with traditional colors.  I use the colored lights on the tree and mantle.

Looking up at the picture on the mantle.  Amber gave me this picture years ago of the gorgeous snow scene.  It's perfect for Christmas!   It reminds me of the header on my blog that Misha made for me last year.
Red and green glittered trees ...
My little "helper" sitting on the hearth :)  Maybe "Kitty Claus" will come see him if he is a good boy.
My angel on the other side of the hearth beside the tree.  I have had her for years.  She is the first decoration that is brought out each year.
And I had to show what I did to my Jim Shore bunny.  I made it a huge red bow!  Let's see how long before my little "helper" notices it ;)
I will show you the completed mantle and room when I have all my boxes picked up.  Believe me it's not a pretty sight!
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Susan said...

Lovely, warm colors.
Doubt that kitty will get anything; he looks as ornery as my Siamese!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

So pretty and festive! Your furbaby is the perfect ornament. :-D
Thanks for stopping by and nice comment.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

it sure is lookin mighty pretty Donna. this time of year is so magical and I know thats how your room must feel.

Merry Christmas

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Kitty is too cute! Where is his/her red bow? :)

I had all my boxes strewn about the house, but our cleaning lady was coming today so I had to pack them all up again and put them in the garage. Hopefully I'll get some more done tonight. We are having my staff Christmas party at our house so I better get it done.

Love your mantel and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Mama Pea said...

I'm not decorating at all. Leaving next week for a few weeks, so I don't see the point. It's kind of a bummer but also kind of a relief. Love seeing your decorations. Hope you are doing okay.

Susan said...

Donna, I just love the snow scene picture. It is gorgeous! What a beautiful memory to have of Amber. Your decorations are all beautiful!! I love it all sweet friend.

Deborah said...

What a lovely post! Your decorations are an inspiration!

Marilyn said...

Looks great to me! I'm happy I have a wreath up on my door at school. Your little helper sure looks a lot like Wally's kitty that is a real pain. She never ages and slow down. Streaks up and down the hall. Up on the chair and jumps off only to run back up the hall and around AGAIN and AGAIN. Sleeps with me at night and MUST be in the bathroom when I shower. Wakes me up in the night as she leaps on me when I'm sound asleep. Once in a while I am so tired I let her sleep in the basement!!♥♫

Susan said...

Kitty definitely looks like he's thinking things over whether to be naughty or nice! Lovely mantle...and I'm further behind than you, so don't relax, XOXO