Thursday, April 26, 2012

Letting Go

This post isn't about quilting, sewing, cooking or decorating.  It's about letting go.,,
A purple clematis I planted  in memory of Amber.

A few weeks ago my husband asked me what we were going to do with Amber's wheelchairs.  We have the last one she used in her bedroom.  The other two have been in my garage for years.  We would sometimes need parts off of one or have to replace something so we kept them.  I really wanted to find someone who really needed a wheelchair.   Amber had used this particular wheelchair in high school and college.  It would only fit a smaller person.  I had heard from a friend on facebook that she knew a little boy who needed one.  He had a form of muscular dystrophy also.  Not the form Amber had but there are so many neuromuscular diseases ... his situation is different as they all are :(

I left the mother a message about the wheelchair. She was  looking for one just to use on occasion when he has to walk long distances.  She called me and we cried together talking about Amber and her son.  She told me I was the first person who understood what she is going through.  I told her I sadly did know what it was like.  So many people that have healthy children just don't realize how fortunate they are.  It's devastating to see your child slowly losing control of their legs or in some cases other things.

To make a long story short the little boy and his dad came the other day to pick up the wheelchair and this sweet child was thrilled to be given the wheelchair.  I am glad it wasn't pink!  He rolled all over our driveway with a huge smile on his face and gave me a hug when they left.  This made my heart happy that someone could use Amber's wheelchair and I knew who he was.  If I had given it to a charity I may never have known the mother's heartache and sharing Amber's story.  It was just amazing how God works in our lives!

I plan on keeping in touch with the family and maybe I can help again one day. I told her to call me anytime she wanted to talk or had questions about what we went through.  If you have read my blog for any length of time I have shared my feelings numerous times. Some of you write to tell me about things you have read about Amber and her name comes to mind.  Blogging friends say when they see sunflowers or the color purple they think of Amber.  That makes my heart happy :)  I never want her to be forgotten!

The good that came from giving away the wheelchair to the little boy made me realize that things that were bothering me (and I had lost sleep over) were not important at all.  Some people make "issues" over things that don't really matter in the scheme of things.  It's about letting go.  I let go of the wheelchair and I let go of the things that were bothering me.  God is in control!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

$4 Egg Topiary

 I was in TJMaxx last week and spotted this egg topiary in the clearance section.  Now you know I love my roosters and thought this would be great displayed with them.
For now I placed it on the dining room table with a white rooster/hen?  This is not where it will stay.
Actually I don't think this rooster could have laid these eggs. LOL

It was regularly $14.99 but as you can see I got it for $4.00!

Love the newspaper covered base.

Notice the "feathers" with the straw for fillers around the covered  and speckled eggs.

I could never have made this topiary for $4 plus my time.  My extra time has been limited lately.
I have been planting my veggie garden and flowers.  The weather has turned much cooler here and I hope it doesn't frost tonight!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shutter Table

I saw this idea years ago and I don't remember where.  The shutter actually came off our house.  Now you are thinking she is having to tear down the house to build tables! LOL
I told my husband what I wanted and he looked at me like "WHAT"??  He made mine and I have had it on my screened back porch that is probably fifteen years old.  Currently mine is painted red.  I have too much crap stuff on my porch to show you :)
This shutter table that my husband also made is in Jennifer's kitchen.  Can you tell she loves the color green apple?  She had her daddy make this one for her apartment nine years ago when she was in pharmacy school.  It was brown then and she had it in her foyer.  At the time she was decorating on a budget.  When she moved into her new home nearly five years ago the table went with her and she painted it the color of her trim paint.

You can really tell it was a shutter from this pic.  The shutter is made of wood with slats.  The legs are actually stair spindles that my hubby had in his work area that someone had given him.  He had to make the wood frame for the table for the spindles to attach to.  He was still thinking I had lost my mind!

Thought I would show you this recycled window that Jennifer bought at a gift shop in B'ham hanging over the table.  This is a favorite Bible verse of hers and the color was perfect for her kitchen.  When she saw it she knew where she was hanging it.  I have a couple of windows I want to paint ... some day. 

Another view of the shutter table with the cute little lamps she found at HL.  
The colors match perfectly with the painted window.  
She has three large windows to the left of this table and there's a lot of light in the kitchen.

Aren't these lamps just the cutest with the houndstooth design?  Makes it cozy at night with the lamps on.

Maybe one day I will get around to straightening up my porch and I will show you my table made from a shutter.  We recently replaced all of the shutters on our house with vinyl ones so now I have many more tables in my future.  When my husband asked me what to do with the old ones I told him we were keeping them and he just rolled his eyes! LOL  Men just don't get it!

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jennifer's Guest Bedroom

My daughter Jennifer recently updated her guest bedroom.  I think she did a lovely job!  She kept a few things the wicker side tables she had and a chest at the end of the bed that was her husband's.  The rest is new.  She has pictures to hang but most of the room is completed.  I love the shabby chic look!  She chose natural colors.  The pics don't really pick up the true colors but you get an idea.
She chose a high headboard in linen.  The soft white comforter and two of the shams for the bed came from Anthropology.  I adore this set.  The throw at the end of the bed she found at Pottery Barn and it is so soft!

Love the lamps too!  They came from Hobby Lobby and were the first things she bought for the makeover.  There's my little furbabies pic on the table :)  Kitty originally belonged to Jennifer for a couple of weeks.

The bedskirt and Euro shams came from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Pillows she found at Homegoods.  She is so lucky there is a Homegoods in her neighborhood!

I love the texture of the pillows and all the ruffles.

Notice the little pearl trim on the ruffle of the lampshade ... so girly!

Here's a closeup of the comforter with all the ruffles and tufting.  I wish I had this in my house!

The adjoining bathroom vanity with the birdhouse and galvanized bucket of flowers.  She is going to tie a strip of burlap around the bucket.

 She purchased the coordinating shower curtain also from Anthropology with the gorgeous ruffles.  She found the perfect bathmat at Bed, Bath and Beyond..  It all went together so well.
I tell her she is becoming more like her mother every day!  The funny thing is I think she finally realizes it :)  I am not at all organized like she is :(  Sad thing!

She and I went flower shopping in B'ham today and bought some gorgeous flowers.  I hope to plant mine this weekend.  I am gradually getting over my fall on Sunday and my husband is doing great after his shoulder surgery also ... he saw the Dr. today.  Thank for all your sweet comments.

I have other pics of Jennifer's house I will share with you later.
Gotta go walk the dog!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random Post ...

We had a wonderful Easter.  The weather was gorgeous. Jennifer and her husband Jeremy joined us for lunch after church. We had a delicious meal.  I definitely ate too much... especially chocolate!  .

My gorgeous daughter Jennifer.  She is a blessing to us :)  

Jennifer and Jeremy ... they will soon be married two years in June ... my how time flies!  I remember all the posts about their wedding.
You can see how wonderful my roses are blooming in the backdrop of the pic above.  I have 12 knockout roses blooming in this area of the yard and they are gorgeous!

I bought this white chocolate bunny from a lady nearby that bakes and makes all kinds of sweets for each season.  The little bunny opens like a box and is filled with pastel M&M's ... adorable!  Sadly I have eaten her ears!

My snowball bush is blooming and it is full of gorgeous white blooms!

I have several flowers to plant but they say we may have a frost on Wednesday night.  I am not planting until maybe Friday when it warms back up.  They call this blackberry winter here in Alabama.  It should be the last cold snap of Spring!  I love the gorgeous days we have had.

My husband has been taking so much of my time since his shoulder surgery last week.  PT appts., Dr. appts, etc.  He can't drive yet and it IS DRIVING HIM CRAZY that I have to take him everywhere :)  I miss his help with everything around the house too!
Actually I fell while Jennifer and Jeremy were here.  We were in the back yard and I was walking Honey (our dog) and I tripped on a root from a tree.  I hit the ground so hard (I think I had dirt in my nose :))  Needless to say I was so lucky I didn't break anything but I am SO SORE!    It would have been bad if I had broken my arm and had a sling like hubbies :)  I am okay like I said JUST SORE!
I guess I am a bit of a klutz but I have never fallen like that before!  I ache all over!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

I am baking, cooking and cleaning house today.    We will be having Easter lunch tomorrow with ham and all the fixings.  Jennifer has requested a German Chocolate cake and it takes a while to cook the homemade icing but it is so yummy!

I just wanted to wish everyone a blessed Easter and enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Now I am off to make the icing for the cake and try a recipe for bunny bark.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Setting the Easter Table

I worked on setting my dining room table this past weekend for Easter.  I love the colors of Easter although they don't coordinate with my home.  My house is decorated in earthy tones.

Who doesn't love a chocolate bunny?  It's not real  ... just looks like chocolate.  Good thing it isn't real or I would have eaten it :)

The large off white pitcher was my grandmother's.

Pastel eggs at the base of the pitcher on a lettuce platter.

Another one of those lucky little bunnies with a flower covered egg.

Faux eggs in a milkglass dish.

I have more to do with my table ... see if I have some placemats that match.   I may leave it as it is.  I really don't stress about the small things in life anymore.

It's the little things in life that make me happy like seeing this bunnies sweet face.  It is a teapot I've had for years that Amber and Jennifer gave me.  Sweet memories :)

I haven't been around to visit many blogs the last few days but I am making my way.  My husband had shoulder surgery on Monday and he is doing well.  He is a huge help around the house and I miss him helping me!  He begins physical therapy today and can't lift anything heavy for weeks.  Months to regain full use of his arm!  I miss his help already but I won't tell him just yet :)

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