Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pink Milk Glass

I love milk glass but when I saw pink milk glass I adored it.   It is actually called Jeanette Glass.  It is very pale pink with gorgeous details.   I picked roses to display in the footed dish.h, goblet, cookie jar, candlesticks, bowls, compotes, vases, puff arette
These two pieces were my aunt's.  They had been stored for years. I didn't know what was in the boxes when my aunt gave them to me.  Once I saw the contents I was so thrilled that it was Jeanette Glass.

The compote dish has a wnderful bead design around the edge.  I added a few rose petals and water.
This Shell Pink design was introduced in 1958 and discontinued in 1959.  These pieces were created around the time I was born in 1959!  They are old :)

This is the scallop design around the  top edge of the footed dish.  I took the flowers out for a second to show the delicate border. 

I have seen very few Jeanette Glass pieces in antique shops/booths I have visited.  About a year ago I spotted a footed cake stand but it was too pricey for my budget.

I will just cherish these two pieces I have and wonder what my aunt used them for ... did she put flowers in the footed dish or soaps in the compote...

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Have a wonderful day!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Meet Blue Eyes

Meet Sinatra ... 
This little fur baby has kept me hopping this past week.  He is the newest member of our household.  Sinatra  is going to join the "girls" in the house.  Right now he has his own room until he gets well and has those front claws taken care of!  I have several scratches on me from medicating him ... little stinker :)  He would have an unfair advantage over the "girls" in the house with those claws.  He needs to regain his energy and doesn't need to be too active.

Last summer he appeared from beneath our deck steps.  He was a tiny little thing and adorable.  Of course I instantly fell in love with him.  I begged my husband to let me bring him in the house but he kept telling me we didn't need another cat in the house.  We have two "girls" that are so funny!  (Hubby was never a cat person until we had one)  
It wasn't long before Sinatra had won my hubby's heart .. in fact he named him Sinatra.  
We had him neutered when he was old enough and to keep him safe at night I would keep him on our screen porch.

Last week I noticed he wasn't very playful and didn't have the energy he normally had.  On Thursday morning I knew when we let him out for the day something was wrong. We immediately took him to the vet.  He was tested and was severely anemic.  He was a very sick little fellow.  He needed a blood transfusion.  Once he was treated, given meds and stayed overnight at the vet's office he is on the mend.  He is getting all his energy back!  

And he is now a full time house cat!  Yep husband gave in and has helped me take really good care of  our newest fur baby :) 

I love my pets and how can I not with those eyes?  We are keeping him in our only room that is a "formal" room with all my "pretties" and he hasn't bothered a thing ... so far.  I even covered my white chairs with old sheets.   Hopefully soon he can roam the house and meet his sisters.
Now I am off to give some more meds and give a belly rub :)

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Catching Up

I have been busy with all kinds of things around the house and haven't had time to blog.  Since my husband's shoulder surgery I have tried to keep the yard as well as he does.  I don't keep it as immaculate as he does but I am trying!  I do mow the lawn with my own John Deere ... yes I have my own!  We have "hers and his" tractors :)  I had much rather work in the yard than in the house.   Here are just a few pics I recently took.
Purple petunias I planted in a  pretty urn as you come onto the front porch ... gotta love purple!  I painted the birdhouse in the background years ago.  I like to sit on my front porch after dark and rock away in the rocking chairs looking up at the stars.

A hanging basket in my sideyard leading to the backyard which I am still working on.  I can't seem to get it the way I want it.  I purchased wire baskets with liners several years ago so that they would all match hanging on the privacy fence.  I like to buy trays of plants and make my own baskets.  It's not instant gratification but I love to watch them grow and fill up the baskets.

A Rose of Sharon bush (or more like a tree) that is full of blooms

I have a curvy walkway  to the back of the house that I have lined with liriope, lilies, clematis, lamb's ear, jasmine, hydrangeas, etc.   My lilies are so tall this year!  The hanging baskets are spaced along this fence.

And of course I have several angels in my garden.   This one is holding a basket I planted an ivy in so that it will slowly trail down in front of her.  It has grown since I snapped this pic.

Our veggie garden is growing as well.  It's smaller this year but we have planted tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers and I still have to plant okra.  And I am going to try to grow some cotton ...just a little to use for decorating in the Fall.

Now I am off to check on my newest fur baby!  Yes I have a new "baby" too.  He has taken lots of my time lately as well :)

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Packing My Suitcase

No I am not going on vacation ... yet!  I am packing my bright pink suitcase with fabric :)
My grandparents and aunt gave me this pink suitcase 35 years ago when I was married.  It is in perfect shape and I still love it!

I found it the other day while chasing one of my kitties out of our walkin closet.  I had placed it behind a lower rack of clothes and had forgotten all about it.  I was tickled "pink" when I found it and knew exactly what I would do with it.

The inside is lined in all pink too with polka dots.
Perfect storage for fat quarters, charm packs and jelly rolls for quilting.

All the pouches can be used for anything sewing.  The red and pink fabrics in this pouch I used to make the curtains in my sewing room.  I told you it was a "happy" room and the suitcase is a perfect decor piece with lots of memories!

Now I am off to finish packing my suitcase and find the floor in my sewing room!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! 
May all you mother's enjoy your special day ... you deserve it! 
We are having a quiet rainy day here at home.  I am going to read, sew and take a nap :)


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Magnolias and Lilies

If you live in the South you see magnolia trees everywhere.  I don't know if it was the mild winter but the trees seem to have so many more blooms this year.  I know mine has never had so many blooms.
This bloom is on a lower branch and I had a great view of it.  The fragrance from the blooms are heavenly.  I brought one bloom in the house and it smells so good!
My lilies are blooming as well and all colors of them.  I had intended to take pics yesterday but we had much needed rain. 

I have been planting and digging in my backyard.  I don't know what it is about digging in the dirt but it just seems to make me feel better!

Well gotta go.  I took my laptop in for a minor repair this morning and I am on my hubby's and I keep hitting the wrong keys!  I don't won't to lose the post before I hit publish  :)

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweet Tea Quilt Quilted!

I got my Sweet Tea quilt back from the quilter yesterday and I love it!  
Sorry I couldn't get the entire quilt in the pic.

Little swirls quilted all around the border.  Piecing the ribbon border took so much time to make it fit perfectly.  I just told the quilter to do whatever but make it pretty!

This my favorite teapot that was paper pieced.  Notice all the little teacups with the ribbon border around the edge.

Leaves quilted  with lots of  "scrollies".

This is the backing of the quilt.  I used a fabric from Miss Rosie that coordinated so well with the quilt.  There is plenty to make the binding also.
So now I will make the binding, stitch it on, add buttons and the "tea bag" that goes on one of the blocks.
Shouldn't take me too long to get it done.  When I complete it I will hang it and get better pics!

It's raining here today so it is a great time to get to work on my binding!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ideal House

Saturday my husband and I with a couple of friends went to B'ham to look at open houses.  I love to go and look to get ideas.  We are not moving or building.  It's just fun looking.  We looked at homes waaaaay out of our price range but hey it is fun to look at how some people live.  This home was one of many we looked at and it was called the "Ideal House".  I had never seen a house with black walls ... yes black!  And it worked with the decor.

I took this pic as I walked into the front door.  The front door was painted red.  I couldn't get a pic of it ... too many people!  There was a cow print looking rug on the hardwood floors.

The family room which had a modern feel to it.

The white kitchen with subway tile and marble countertops.  You can see the dining room through the door on the right of the pic.  It was very modern.

Another view of the kitchen looking back toward the front door on the other side of the stairs.

Master bath looking through french doors.  The shower is behind the claw foot tub with the glass opening.  Notice the black tile .. unusual but again it works!  The door to the left was a huge closet.  The countertops in the bath were black granite.

The master bedroom with black walls also.  I adored the little chandelier above the bed.  I was standing in the bath when I took this pic.  I actually liked the bedroom ...maybe it was the bedding and the chandelier I liked :)

The laundry room with neutral walls and red washer and dryer.

I loved the "lost socks" hanging on the wall of the laundry room.  I need one of these!

An upstairs bedroom with neutral walls and black accents.  This headboard was gorgeous with all the detail.  

I have many more pics I will share in other posts including my favorite house.  I thought this one was so unusual I would share it first.  I would never have thought of painting walls black but to each his own!

Also another quick note ... thank you all for all your heart warming comments on my last post.  They made my heart happy!

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