Monday, June 25, 2012

Thrifty Garden Sign

Last Summer I began looking for something large to put on a brick wall on one side of my deck.  It just needed something and I didn't know what.
Later in the Fall I was in Hobby Lobby and I spotted this metal GARDEN sign marked down 80%. It was orginally $35 but was marked down to $7. Now that I could afford! But it was a dark brown and I knew it would not look good with the brick.

So out came the spray paint! 
 I painted it a cream color to coordinate with the trim color of the house.  In a few minutes the sign was perfect for this spot.  It is a large piece and measures over 24 inches.

This is standing in the backyard looking up.  The sign was the perfect touch for this spot.
Next year I will add some taller plants in my planter.  This year I am doing good to keep them watered and alive with this heat we are having.

(So far my impatiens are looking okay with my watering efforts.)

It is so hot here ... in the high 90's.  I hope it is cooler in your area!

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I am joining Linda at Coastal Charm for NTT for her weekly party.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Angel Wings...

I had a package delivered to my door on Wednesday and look what was inside!
Angel wings ... and from an angel.  Erin at Erin's Art and Gardens sent me these angelic wings. Aren't they gorgeous?!!

On Memorial Day I spotted angel wings in Erin's dining room hanging from a china cabinet.  As I was looking at all the gorgeous photos the angel wings caught my eye!
I left her a message asking where she had purchased them.  I know she lives in Franklin, Tennessee near Nashville.   I think of her every time we go to Nashville and pass the Franklin exit. She emailed me back with the shop where she purchased them and said it might be Christmas before they have them again.  I tucked the info in the back of my brain thinking we normally go that way during the Christmas holidays and I would look for them.

A few days later Erin wanted my mailing address.  She sent me the wings!  Blogging friends are wonderful ;)  My husband was so touched that this lady from Tennessee who had never met me in person took the time to send me this precious gift. 
I have moved them from Amber's room in the pics above to hanging them on her picture.  You never know where the angel may leave her wings :) 

Isn't it amazing in the big old blogging world how we connect with each other.   I have met the sweetest ladies!  I wish we could have a big party to meet each other.  Hopefully soon when I visit Franklin I can meet Erin.  Thank you Erin!

If you have never visited Erin go look at her gorgeous gardens, paintings and lovely home.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Best Friends and Thank You!

Thank you all for leaving me such kind comments on my last post.  I am feeling better this week.  Last was so emotional for me.  Grief just hits out of the blue.  As a mother having lost a child I know I will never get over it but you learn to deal with your loss and  try to live again.  Some days are harder than others.

It did do me good to get away for the weekend with my husband in Atlanta,  We went to several quilt shops I love to visit when I am in Marietta.  We met up with Jennifer and Jeremy to watch the Braves play the Orioles on Friday night at Turner Field.   The Braves won!   It always does me good to see my baby girl although she is 30 years old :)  We all had breakfast together the next morning at the hotel.

This is a new quilt project I just began last night.   The fabric is Bliss by Bonnie and Camille.  I adore these
 gorgeous colors used in this line of fabric.
I only got six blocks made before bed time.  They are quick to cut and sew together.  I still need to square my blocks up. I am enjoying this project!  It is moving very fast!

I am appliqueing my Tiny Town quilt blocks and it take so much time!  I needed to have an extra project to work on that was really easy to sew together.  I needed instant gratification! ;)
So I chose Best Friends by Crazy Old Ladies.  When I bought this pattern I didn't realize the cover quilt is made using  Bliss also.  I had a layer cake of Bliss I had bought at my LQS.  So my quilt top will be about the same as the pattern cover!  I love it!
And the pattern is Best Friends!  My blogging friends are some of my best friends :)

Thank you all for visiting and taking the time to comment :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quilt, Cats and the Blahs

I have been busy but can't seem to get much accomplished.  I have had the "blahs" missing Amber.  I try to be upbeat on my blog but honestly there are days that all I want to do is just lay on my bed and cry :(  I have no explanation for it but some days are so much worse than others.  Maybe because it's coming up on the 3rd anniversary of her passing.  
Oh well onto what I have been doing.

I am quilting this little bitty quilt today on the machine.  Excuse Flip the cat.  She thinks she has to be in every pic with a quilt.  I don't know what it is about quilts and cats but they seem to go together.  This small log cabin quilt is not perfect but a friend wanted me to make it for her so I am about to quilt it and put the binding on.

Here is an update on my newest "baby" Sinatra.  You can read about him here.  He had his claws taken care of this week.  I was sad about leaving him at the vet overnight. He was supposed to stay another night but they knew I would take great care of him so they let me bring him home last evening.  This pic was taken last week when I was playing with him.  His "sisters' are not quite sure of him!  Flip, the cat with the quilt pic above, is so gentle and adorable but she got so mad last night!  She pitched a "hissy fit" with me.  I have never seen her so mad.  She quickly got over it.  She is so jealous!  It will just take time for the "girls" to adjust.

And I had to post a pic of another one of my lilies.  They have been gorgeous this year!  I would like to cut them and bring some in the house but the sweet smell is so strong to me. 

Well got to go get busy on this little quilt and get it done!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Pearls and Lace

I have been looking for something frilly to put on my dressform. Right now I have "her" (she needs a name) in my only formal room of the house.   The room has a Victorian look to it with antiques and family treasures.  I was thinking something with lace but couldn't find what I wanted to put on her. 
I had placed my mother-in-laws pearls around her neck but bless her heart (as we say in the South) she needed some clothes!

When I was cleaning out my closet a couple of weeks ago I found this nightgown in my closet. I had purchased it years ago just for the lace. Of course I never did anything with it and had forgotten about it.  Now I am glad I never cut it up to make pillows or whatever I had in mind. 
She is so happy to have some clothes! 

Now that she has the pearls and lace I have decided she might need a floppy hat with a flower.   I think I have one in a closet somewhere.  I am off to look!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Tea Kettle Planter

I bought this old tea kettle and a similar one several years ago at an estate sale for a couple of dollars.  I knew what I use them for when I saw them ...plant flowers in them!  I fill each one every year with impatiens.  Impatiens grow great in our back yard with all the shade.

I placed the tea kettle on the deck as you come onto the screen porch. The fern remained green all winter I suppose from the mild temps.  And of course more impatiens in another planter.  I like to group my flower pots together.

 My screen porch is going to become a  sunroom as soon as my husband is able to tackle the chore ... hopefully soon!

We are getting much needed rain today and the impatiens are loving it!

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I am joining Linda at Coastal Charm for NTT.