Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thank You and a Baby Quilt

Thank you all for the sweet comments and emails that were sent my way on my last post.  They mean the world to me!  I appreciate them and am working on responding to each one. 
I have decided I will blog when I have time.  Posts may be sporadic like they were last year but I really like to look back over the last four years to see how my life has changed.  How I've dealt with the loss of Amber, Jennifer getting married and the birth of Maggie Kate.  I sometimes have to go back and look for a recipe I posted because I couldn't remember where I placed the hard copy.
I really had a bad week last week.  I'll share a little of it with you.  My husband and I were going on a date for the first time in years.  His birthday was the 6th and Jennifer had given him tickets to an event in Birmingham for Friday night.  We left early and made a couple of stops before the concert and were "rear-ended".  A lady decided to run into the back of my car.  We were stopped at a red light when it happened.  I was leaning over in my seat putting something in my purse and bam :(  I am sore in my ribs and I have lower back pain.  I just had back surgery for a herniated disc a year ago.  The thing that was really disturbing is that the lady who hit us was so rude and just down right mean!  How in the world  people act like this I don't know. 
Now here's the first quilt I made for Maggie Kate! 
 I just wanted something simple and easy to make for the quilt and chose a simple design.  I bought the fabric a couple of summers ago and only had two yards of each print.  The prints are from the Elm Creek books author.  I can't remember her name but I love her books.  It's coordinates well with MK's nursery.
I quilted it with this simple stitch I've seen on other blogs that quilter's have used and loved doing it.  I will use this design again on other quilts that really need to be quilted!  I embroidered a really sweet label for MK so she'll always remember who made it for her.  Do you all know how much I love that baby? :)
I love keeping MK a couple of times each week and I see so much of her Mommy and Amber especially in her bright blue eyes.  I can't believe she's four months old!  How time flies.
Again thank you all so much for your kindness! 


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Beautiful quilt!!! What little girl would not like to snuggle up with it on a cold night. Love that you put your initials on it like that.
Sorry about the accident. Especially since you have back issues does not help. Ck. email in a bit.
Take care of yourself.

Camille said...

Nasty that you had that accident my sorry that the lady was plain old mean as well! I will pray for a speedy recovery. Gentle hugs to you! And...Maggie Kate's quilt is just beautiful...such a treasure for her to have forever! :) I am pleased to read that you plan to continue to blog in your time and won't be sorry. Take time out as you need to...don't feel badly about's a necessary thing. Blessings, Camille

Vicky Hunt said...

I'm so glad you have decided to keep blogging...:) I am sorry however that you ahd such a bad week last week. I pray your pain goes away soon and no lasting damage was done. I don't know why some folks are so mean...:( Maggie Kate's quilt is so pretty. You are so talented! Have a blessed and beautiful Friday and weekend!

Blessings, Vicky

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Hello Donna,
Happy...Happy...Happy! Oh yes...I am so happy that you are going to keep blogging. Sorry to hear about the accident and I pray that you start feeling better soon. The quilt is just beautiful!


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

My car was rear ended last summer to the tune of $10,5000; I bought it at a dealer price of $10,000! His insurance covered repair, countless chiropractic visits, a rental car, and finally a settlement check (I had full tort on my insurance). While I hope never to go through that again, that check in my bank account does make me a bit happier.

I am glad you are going to continue blogging. I feel like you are a friend, and I enjoy your posts even though I don't often comment.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful quilt! I've read all the books by Jennifer Chiaverini and always look forward to the next one. I'm glad you will be posting as you have time. I hope you and your husband will heal quickly from this accident and can enjoy another date soon.♥♫

Susan said...

You are a wonderful Grammy and the quilt is just lovely. I'm hoping you are feeling better, XOXO

Jeanna said...

It's wonderful news that you are going to continue blogging! I would miss you :)

I love Maggie Kate's quilt and that is such an elegant but yet simple quilting stitch.

I'm so sorry to hear of your accident...I don't know why people can be so awful at times like that...maybe because she knows she was wrong! I hope you feel better real soon!

Sandy Johnson said...

I am so very glad you decided to keep your blog. I found it a couple of years ago and love reading your posts.Enjoy this precious time with your granddaughter.They grow up so fast.Your quilt is beautiful and what a beautiful baby to snuggle in it.

Creations By Cindy said...

Love the quilt! It is Beautiful!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

John'aLee said...

Oh I am so sorry Donna. Please take care of yourself. The 'back' is nothing to mess around with.
The quilt is just precious!

donna said...

Geez, Donna I hope you are doing ok? I totally know what you mean. People just do not want to take responsibility for there own actions these days. I am so sorry that happen to y'all.
Maggie Kate's quilt is gorgeous. You did a fabulous job my dear. Hope y'all are not to cold?

Olga Edwards said...

That is quite something, what you've been made to put up with in your car. No one should have to deal with that. The least anyone can ask for is that the damage ain't that bad. You don't have to be saddled much though, should it come down to repair.

Olga @ AA Auto

Sandy said...

Checking in with you as the stories on the news are broadcast.
Glad you were in a safe place and not on the road.
I drove into sleet/ice and out of it in about a 20 miles stretch of highway yesterday here in Iowa on my way to a meeting. Slowed down to about 35 and was following a UPS truck who was clearing the way. The temps started at 33 and dropped to 27 along the way. Just more gray hair to add to the mix. Take care.